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Te Rangi I Te Whenua Nga Poropiti Manatu

An Eternal Journey (est. 2010)

When It All Began – The Name of a Nation

Kia Ora from Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ao-te-a-ro-a in English is “Land of the Long White Cloud.” Kupe, an early Polynesian explorer named his canoe Aotearoa. He named New Zealand after his canoe. On approaching land, Kupe’s daughter sighted a cloud hovering over New Zealand and prophetically named God’s zone,  Aotearoa – Land of the Long White Cloud.

Enjoy this prophetic site. It is all of God’s handiwork.

God loves this nation. He really named Aotearoa, New Zealand. There was a “long cloud of witnesses” present when this nation was first discovered.

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Prophetic principles are biblically taught, practiced, encouraged and stirred up. Guest Prophets are invited.

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Author’s Introductory Word

The Author Says:

“We are entering unprecedented changes at such a rapid pace so much so, should you blink too quick, you may miss something. Keep calm, connected, well informed, wise and in prayer.

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Some will succumb to the impeding pressure and give in to distractions to a once calm life. Spiritual battles will increase. Wake up New Zealand. Armour up.

Look up. Salvation comes from the Lord. In the days ahead many will be found wanting. Heed this Word. Time is short, get your life right with God. Repent while you have breath. Repent while you can.

Watch and pray. Listen to the sparrows. Hear their song. Know you are worth more to the Father, than all of the sparrows. Watch, look up. The Clouds of Witnesses are there by the day. They are witnesses to the Master’s Plan. Cheering you and I on to the finish line. Repent today. No more delay.”

-Jeana A Jurisich

Auckland, New Zealand

The Life Saving Package on Offer for Free

This is not an occultic or religious or judgmental site. It is Christian with sound principles and loving commentaries. Salvation from eternal death is through Jesus Christ by repenting for past sins, acknowledging He lived, died and rose again, baptism by full immersion in water and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Believing in the Triune and accepting the Bible which is the unadulterated, true Word of God, was inspired by the Holy Spirit through the early day Prophets Of Old.

The world population is 7,850,592,5012 at the time of writing. We are all going to die. Where are you going when you die.. Eternal Heaven or Eternal Hell? Your money cannot save you, your job will do less, even your compassionate acts, your nice home or economic status?

“The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 3 verse 23)

Aotearoa New Zealand – A Baton Passing Nation

Before the Globe experiences a natural shaking, in more ways than one, it would have happened in this nation already. Aotearoa New Zealand is at the ends-of-the-earth yet, we receive the sunrise ahead of all nations.

This prophetic site is written to reflect Indigenous Maori and English dialogue due to New Zealand ‘s bi-cultural make-up. Ethnicities in New Zealand comprise, Maori, non-Maori, Asian, European, Pacific Isles and other nations  as per New Zealand consensus, 2018.

Over five million people live in New Zealand and 47.65 % are of a religion. Demographically Anglicans number 11.79%, Catholics number 12.61% and 24.25% are nominal Christians. Therefore, 53.35% of New Zealanders are non-Christian.

Only a kind, loving Christian can release prophetic words, if they are filled with the Holy Spirit firstly repenting and believing in Jesus Christ and the Power of the Cross. Know and study the Bible otherwise you will not know if you have encountered a false person, a charlatan, a demon, or caught up in dubious schemes or scams.

Heather Mixture for the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God of family, is diverse as are the cultural and religious composition of people’s that attend Heaven on Earth Prophetic gatherings.

Listen to the National Anthem of Aotearoa, New Zealand sung in both Maori and English. The anthem implores God to defend our nation. A nation that once prided itself in leading the world as a Christian nation, with a strong missionary outreach to poor, desperate nations. A reputation that is now under threat of annihilation.