Heaven on Earth (Prophetic)

Te Rangi I Te Whenua (Nga Poropiti)

                       An Eternal Journey – He Haere Tonu (est. 2010)

When It All Began (October 2010) Kia Ora from Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand! Aotearoa in English is “Land of the Long White Cloud.”

Auckland is the largest metropolitan city in Aotearoa, New Zealand with the largest Polynesian and Maori population in the Southern Hemisphere.

Nau mai. Haere mai. Talofa lava. Malolelei, Bula Vanaka. Dobra Dosli.

Welcome to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry website. In Maori language, it is, Te Rangi i Te Whenua (Nga Poropiti) Miniti.

The website enables you to read about the many facets of the journey of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry, from the days of small beginnings to the blossoming of a two-tiered prophetic, evangelical market-place ministry.

Prophets and Prophetesses, Len Butner (NZ), (the late)Wayne Thomas(NZ), Ian Johnson(NZ), Lynley Allen(NZ), Trysh Bussell(NZ), Rosemary Tutton (NZ), Revivalist Heidi Baker(USA), Chuck Pierce(USA), Peter Kumar(NZ/USA), Julie and Warren Cherry(Australia), Angela Grenig(USA) have all released timely prophetic word prior to and during the formation of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) as an authentic end-time prophetic New Zealand ministry.

A world-first “Church With No Walls.”

The website reveals experiences that fall out of two of God’s most precious gifts, the Gift of Salvation and the Gift of Prophecy. The free gift of eternal life and benefits of the prophetic, become more relevant as encounters result in positive, productive stable lives, for many people.

Prophetic Marketplace Ministry

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry is an active modern-day outreach post. To some, it is their home church and others it is a warm open fireplace. To others, it is an awe inspiring worship room, and others, it is the end of a journey, where hope, love and friendships are found.

People come from all over Auckland, from the unchurched, from small and Auckland’s largest churches, from other continents.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) is in every sense of the word a kingdom focussed, across cultures, Godly beliefs based ministry.

Regular public monthly gatherings are held at a popular Central Auckland venue, in the suburb of Greenlane.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry originally started in October 2010, under a beautiful Pohutukawa Tree in Okahu Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Okahu Bay is the domain of the local Indigenous Maori tribe, Ngati-Whatua. Ngati-Whatua tribal land extends from Okahu Bay to the beautiful rural Kaipara Harbour, Kumeu, Hobsonville and Rodney district.

Auckland, former capital city of Aotearoa, New Zealand, is universally known as the City of Sails. Archives record that Ngati-Whatua tribe gifted Auckland to the nation.

(Go to the Contacts Section for more details and future events).

There is a lot to read. Take your time. Read with an open mind and  heart. You will be challenged at times in the website. It is all for your good and for purity and maturity.

Significant is, you are saved (by accepting Christ into your heart). This is more important than asking for a Prophecy! Prophecy will pass and fade away despite the power it releases. It is a vehicle for you to know God.

If you have minimal understanding or insight of what your life has come to or where it is going. May precious gold nuggets roll off these pages and inspire you to get off the couch, come out of your cave, change your life path and start your own ministry! Try it today!

All you need to do is pray for a divine personal revelation.

As Founder of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry, I reveal to you the reader, that I sought God for a personal revelation from Him, to show me what ministry I was to do.  All praise and honour is God’s.

In Him everything is possible. He gave me a powerful open vision after the first gathering under the Pohutukawa Tree.

The following New Zealand ministries were activated after founder’s direct contact with Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry. Really remarkable don’t you think? All praise and honour is God’s.

Gateway of Joy Ministries for Child Trafficking (Auckland); Pearls of the Pacific (Waitakere); Ignite Prophetic (Waitakere); C3 Senior Pastor (Whangarei); Fight Against Poverty of the Poor (Auckland); Grace Connection Evangelist (Northland); Cringle’s Christian Dating Site (Auckland); Naomi’s Women’s Group (Glen Eden); Bless Israel New Zealand’s First Conference v(Central); AWHI ORA Ministry(Botany Downs), Jakov Brown, Beth Melech-Bless Israel Conference(Waitakere); Elijah Ministries (Auckland);  Hands Up International (Tauranga), the Smiley Campaign in Taitokerau. There are more.

A Good News announcement 

Have you ever been told by anyone that you are valuable? Yes, that’s right. Have you been told that you truly matter to God? He yearns to be close to every man, woman and child on earth and that includes you. Hard to believe isn’t it? His Heart is full of love. God is love.

If we do not minister with His love, the Word says, we “do not know God.” (1 John 4 v7,8). His love should motivate all we do when we interact with others and when we are in a ministry, especially in the Prophetic. Starting a ministry to grow increase wealth, gratify by gaining sexual conquests or become more powerful, are all wrong motives.

God loves you whether you are a religious person, famous, a pastor, a lay preacher, agnostic, a politician, a dignitary, the lonely, the unwell, a nun, a foreigner, a gambler, an alcoholic, a drug addict, gay, living in poverty, the Prime Minister of the day, an All Black, a Silver Fern, a home-owner, the homeless, a renter, widowed, married or depressed. This list is endless.

God’s love is Eternal. He is no respecter of persons. He cannot fail you or me. Whatever difficulties you are facing right now, allow God to be your main source of rescuer and supply.

The Miracle Happening Goodness of God

People do not expect God to surprise them with miracles. Why not? Ask God for your daily miracle. Live in this realm. Be very expectant and experience God’s positive love and power. A grain of faith is all you need. Go for it. When was your last miracle?

May you receive a wonderful miracle while reading this website. How amazing will that be for you. The Word says “Ask and you shall receive that your joy may be full.” Do not be fearful to ask. Ask for a miracle!

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry Core Message

…is the message that “God saves lost souls. He is the source to activate the prophetic gift through the Holy Spirit’s leading.”

This website is not by any means a religious commentary or replacement for biblical teaching seminaries or theological debate. It is the basic gospel and the value prophecy offers. It is simple really.

It is important to know “you must be (spiritually) born again.” Your new birthdate is entered on the register of the heavenly, Book of life.

Check out John 3 verse 16. A biblical truth is, our natural life has an end, however, that is not the end of you or of me. This needs to be said. Our earthly life is very temporary, our after-life is the eternal.

Once we naturally die, that’s it. Then there is Judgment Day for all of us before God, to give Him an account of everything we have done while on earth. Wow, so daunting, Jesus Christ has taken our penalty from us by His Death and His Resurrection. His Blood speaks on our behalf.

If we believe and accept Him while we are alive on earth, we go on to heaven. That is right. Very simple. Reader, think about accepting Jesus Christ into your heart right now. If you have done this already, your name is in the Book of Life (Revelation 3 verse 12).

Daily, work on your Christian life.

I kid you not. Eternal death in a burning Lake of Fire called “Hell”awaits everyone who does not have their Name In the Book of Life – seriously.

Secondly, the best source of supply for all of your needs and answers in life is to God the Father, through Jesus Christ His Son. Let the Holy Spirit guide, teach, comfort and show you the deeply profound  spiritual benefits of the Call of a Prophet and Prophetess.

Every True Prophet and True Prophetess believes the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ without a doubt. 

Be reminded. The Gospel says, God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to bear the penalty for all of our sins, our wrong doing. Why? So that the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.

This means every person that believes in Jesus Christ’s life and death is a prophetic blessing. Believers, are proof that His life and death had a powerful promise attached to it. That is, you and I are assured of an Eternal Life of Hope.

Be reminded. God hates sin. God is Holy. No human can see Him and live. God cannot have a close relationship with you or with me, unless you repent for your wrongdoing and accept His Son, Jesus Christ, who is the Mediator between God and you. Jesus Christ’s powerful  blood removes our sin and cleanses from every sin we commit in the future.

Come before God in submission and obedience every day, Jesus did.

Be reminded. Over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was born to Mary and step-father, Joseph, her husband-to-be. Jesus Christ lived 33 years on earth, suffered a cruel death at the callous hands of Roman soldiers. They listened to religious people, to murder Him.

The Cross was an instrument used by the Roman army to torture, display and eventually kill convicted criminals and displayed the corpse. Jesus Christ was wrongfully convicted. All He did was tell everyone the Good News. He was the King of the Jews and He still is. King of the Jews. Nothing has changed. His identity was challenged by the jealous and zealots!

Unbelievers, criminals or the crude did not call for His demise. Jesus Christ was rejected by the religious people order of His day, namely the Pharisees. Religious people dislike true Christians, Christianity and the Christ. Hell will have many a religious person, haughty, unforgiving, unrepentant sinners, vile demons, plead for relief from the burning searing pit of Hell and heat. Imagine hot lava, sulphur scented at 1000,000 degrees fahrenheit.

Thank God Almighty, Jesus Christ rose from the grave after three days of His Death. His Blood was an Atonement for our sinful actions, by His Resurrection. His Blood removes every sin, we confess and repent from. He removes the penalty of eternal death and separation from God for every person who repents and accepts Him into their heart. That is a promise for myself, and for you.

The fiery pit of Hell was created for condemned, already chained disobedient angels, unbelievers, the unforgiving, the vile and devilish haters of God. Once you as a human die, then there is Judgment. Do you know with firm conviction, that you will not go to Hell? Hoping you are saying a loud resounding “yes.” Accept Him! Please!

Do not wait any longer to decide on your salvation. It is a miracle. A true miracle. The miracle of a new life, Your life. In Christ,

Be reminded. The Blood of Jesus, saves, heals, protects, removes the death penalty eternally, redeems, uplifts, cleanses and forgives all who repent to Him. Jesus Christ death was not in vain.

What a sacrifice God, the Father made. Would you do what God did? Would you do what Jesus Christ did? He submitted to God, His Father. He obeyed His Father’s Will and submitted. He sits at the right-hand side of His Father. Watching you and I, interceding on our behalf.

He left us with the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to guide and lead the disciples when Jesus left them on earth, and you and all believers of Jesus Christ (see St Johns 17).

Be reminded, Jesus Christ defeated Death and Hell. Oh yes He has. He has the keys. he grabbed them. Why do you fear?

Jesus Christ’s Name is powerful. The Father of lies, Satan, every demon cannot stand a chance with the Name and Blood of Jesus Christ is present.

If you are in an unbearable situation right now, call on Jesus Name. Call a Prophet or Prophetesses. They have a mantle to deliver the fully demonised person. Contact details are in the Contacts Section.

“For unto whomsoever much is given of him, shall be much required, and to whom men have committed much of him men will ask.”(Luke 12 verse 48b).

Do you have a Plan for your Life?

Do you know where you are going every day? Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, my question is to you is “do you have a strategy, a purpose for your life?”

Think of it as a life insurance policy? Is your life protected on this natural earth in case tragedy besets you. Life is so full of the unpredictable and so much can get out of  control for you – good or bad. You need to make the right decision-today.

I plead with you to right now, give your heart to Jesus Christ?  Before you write up your plan or add to them, consider asking Jesus Christ into your heart, right now. No apology is given.

Say this Sinners Prayer Aloud:

“Jesus Christ I am a sinner and I ask you to forgive me for my sins. I ask you remove the penalty of death. Your Precious Blood blots out all my sins. Forgive me right now. Come into my heart. Help me become strong everyday and to serve you. Amen.” (“Amen” means so let it be).

He will direct your path for the rest of your life through twists and turns. Johns 3 verse 16 says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Time to Focus on Prophecy – Where do Prophetic insights originate?

The Word says “the testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy” (Revelation 19 verse 10). Whenever we worship, praise, give and receive prophecy, it is everything that Jesus Christ life prepares and provides for us.

A prophetic word you receive, should give a sense that Jesus Christ is in the centre of the message with an essence of hope. A true Prophet and Prophetess will never lie. Will never make promises He or she cannot affirm and will not be manipulating in nature.

Prophecy is given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that does not lie, pretend or deceive. Neither does the Holy Spirit fantasise or exaggerate.

Holy Spirit is as gentle as a dove, soft, light. Never loud, violent, pushy, never provokes others to anger or confusion. Shouting or screaming a prophetic word does not make it come to pass. You will more likely “chase the Holy Spirit and Power of God away.” Loud shouters of the prophetic intrinsically display their own internal issues on a grand scale.

True Prophets, and True Prophetesses are intermediaries between God and man, guiding millions worldwide over the ages, into their divine destiny for the uplifting and unity of believers.

Prophetic Words Reveal Truthful Details of God’s Plans

Human beings subconsciously have an innate desire to connect to God and to hear what His Divine plan is for their lives. God wants to actually be a part of our plans, more than we realise.

God-given prophecy is encouraging and uplifting, given always in a spirit of godly love, honouring to God. If there is a warning message, it is this one, there should be peace and a sense of grace in a prophetic  word that minimises negative impact. Always remember two or three other prophetic words confirm if a single prophetic word is truthful and accurate upon an individual.

Spiritual safety cannot be ignored. Prophetic words can be feigned, bluffed, untrue and light-weight. Woe, to those who continually lie, pretending to speak godliness and yet their words are of a sinister flavour.

Prophetic voices need to unite, gather, care, pray and intercede for each other. Spiritual attacks and persecution are real.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry’s – Mission Statement

Psalm 18 verse 16 says “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.” Prophecy, teaching gift, music, evangelistic, mercy, giving of resources, a builder, an engineer, a dancer and more!

Romans 12 verse 6 says ‘Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them.”

Never, ever under-estimate the benefits of the gifts given from God to you. The only source of the prophetic gift is directly from our loving Father, God Almighty, the Great “I AM.”

“God is a Spirit and they that worship (follow) Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.”

Apostle Paul urged believer’s to pursue prophesy due to the positive encouraging, uplifting, unifying  and powerful components the gift releases. All believers can prophesy. It is not an exclusive gift however the office of a Prophet or Prophetess has a weighty mantle with power.

Aotearoa New Zealands Prophetic First Achievements

>Aotearoa, New Zealand is located at the bottom and Ends-of-the-Earth. The First Nation in the world to see the sun rise and to hail in  the New Year, every year.

>Prophets over the years proclaim that Aotearoa, New Zealand, is a Forerunner Nation for authentic events on the world stage.

>If anything is going to happen in the world first, it will more likely start in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

>On 6 February 1840, the First Treaty in the world between Indigenous people’s (Maori) and Crown (the Government) was signed at Waitangi, Paihia, historically known as The Treaty of Waitangi.

>In 1893, New Zealand women were first in the world to be granted the political right to vote.

>On 28 May 1953, the first man to climb and conquer Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world was New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hilary.

>Aotearoa, New Zealand experienced a move of God in the 1850’s, where nearly 90% of Indigenous Maori were converted to Christianity, converted by missionaries who transformed this nation.

Amazing fact : An effective war-time strategy was used in major world wars by Great Powers. Maori fortification and rippled trenches feature on steep hills to reduce enemy lines advancing whilst watching and hiding under hidden trenches. Incredible war-time ingenuity.

New Zealander, Lord Rutherford, discovered how to split the atom. He found a phenomenal scientific discovery that revolutionised nuclear and artillery intelligence throughout the world.

In 2019, Aotearoa, New Zealand was voted the country that has the best accent in the world ahead of many other accents.

Also in 2019, Auckland city “The City of Sails” was voted the most popular bicycle city in the world, ahead of Amsterdam, Holland.

The Genesis of the New Zealand Prophetic Movement

Before the 20th Century, in a small West Coast Taranaki town called Waitara, a remarkable eccentric Canadian preacher, Aimee Semple-McPherson, made an impact in the local Waitara Methodist Church community.

She had already preached to 100’s and 1000’s of people all over the world and changed the way sermons were preached by women.

Aimee Semple-McPherson was the first evangelical women to preach behind a pulpit, ever. The pulpit was open only for men.

Famous figure and actress, Marilyn Monroe became a Christian at the Dream Centre in Los Angeles, USA where Aimee Semple-McPherson worked.

Taranaki – the Humble Prophetic Belt

Between 1950-1964, a move of God extended along the South Taranaki western coastline, in a town called Hawera (means “breath of fire of the burnt place”). Famous American Evangelist Billy Graham, was radio broadcast during a local open air crusade in the Hawera town hall for up to a week.

Prophetic Taranaki pioneers, Paul Prentice of Hawera, David Hunt of Rahotu-Opunake, were the new wave of ordinary God appointed laymen and outstanding prophets. Alan Thrift, Muri Thompson, Harry Hikuroa were early pioneers of the pentecostal movement in Manawatu and Taranaki.

Founding Member of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic)

Long time member of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic), Kathy was at the Billy Graham broadcast, a teenager at the time and recalls accepting an invitation by a close friend (E. Mellsop) to attend the event.

Now in her 80’s, she remembers the excitement of a spiritual awakening along the rugged austere, West Taranaki coastline, a remote province. She owes her Christian conversion to her friend and her simple invitation to hear ‘a famous man.

Patricia Sowman is an iconic and long-lasting pioneer of the prophetic outbreak in South Taranaki. She lives between Blenheim and Queen Charlotte Sounds, South Island.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s First Maori Prophets

Under that Mountain, Parihaka Pa, South Taranaki – History describes two Taranaki Maori Prophets Te Whiti O Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi led Parihaka Settlement in a peaceful non-resistance protest on 5 November 1881, against 1600 armed constabulary troops who were ordered by Native Minister J. Bryce to arrest and imprison (without a trial), the two leaders, fellow Maori occupants and owners of the land. Exactly 41 years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

Young Maori children and all adults sang peacefully when troops attacked and kidnapped adult Maori men from Parihaka Pa. Large numbers of Maori men were taken by ship to uninhabited South Island coastal locations. One such place were the Dunedin. The Maori men never saw their families again. They were chained to cave floors, scratching the roof of caves and perished mercilessly as a direct result of the unforgiving high tides, and drowned.

“All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8 v 28).”

Five generations later, peace and still quietness reigns among the descendants along the Taranaki farming coastline. As we know forty years constitute a generation. The biblical  number “forty” means “fiery trial and tribulation while on probation.”

Was Moses on Probation, he took 40 years to lead the Children of Israel to  the Promise Land? God tests who He reveals Promises to. Is He testing you? Anger will cut you short of promises.

Knowing about our history and the landmarks, help us appreciate current and future aspirations. There is always much tribulation prior to great spiritual moves in God. Aotearoa, New Zealand is in a place of tribulation, grieving, earnest despair of poverty, homelessness, wickedness and division in the nation.

The two Maori Prophets were kind, humble men who loved God with all their hearts. Their legacy of peace continues to live on at Parihaka Pa, Pungarehu, through to this, the 21st Century. Rangimarie tonu!

Christian Tent Crusades – Enlarging the Borders

Tent crusades sprung up in paddocks in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in rural, in-land and coastal New Zealand places namely, Dannevirke, Rotorua, Gisborne, Waitara, Waharoa, Matamata, Wanganui River, Waimate North, Whangarei, Raetihi, Kawerau, Moerewa, Kaikohe and towns along the Taranaki Prophetic belt.

Taranaki has a rich heritage for birthing Prophets, Prophetesses and Worship leaders who have made a profound impact in Christendom throughout this nation and overseas. Part of my own prophetic journey started on the Taranaki coastline near Oanui-Opunake south of New Plymouth and baptised in the Eltham River directly under the beautiful, Taranaki mountain.

Welcome to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) – Te Rangi I Runga I Te Whenua (Nga Poropiti).

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry and friends will stand with you, in your darkest hour. Be amazed how much your life will turn from the mundane, to a life that is spiritually invigorating. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) are “a family” another name for  family is “whanau” in Maori language (te reo).

There is no obligation to change your faith, or your religion when reading this website. Social media exposure, hype or alignment with the rich and famous or well-known individuals are used to advance the popularity of Jesus Christ. He is sovereignly popular without media coverage.

Authentic Historical Commentary -The Pohutakawa Tree

A Second Chapter of Acts “Church with No Walls” unleashed on the last weekend of October 2010, when over a dozen friends gathered under a huge Pohutakawa tree at Okahu Bay, Auckland.

The wind blew strongly through the leaves of the tree that day. Wind is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Listen to an epic song “Which way the Wind Blows” sung by Canadian/American virtuoso singer, Matthew Ward and his two sisters.

The singers were known as “Second Chapter of Acts.”

The punch line of the song “you don’t know which way the wind blows, how can you plan tomorrow” is very poignant. This is why Jesus Christ needs to desperately be a part of your life’s plan.

Wake up Aotearoa, New Zealand.

All of us are vulnerable soldiers as we fight daily unrelenting spiritual battles in this physical life. No soldier can predict exactly what direction the “winds of adversary blow.”

There are few True Prophets and Prophetesses in Aotearoa, New Zealand. True Prophets and True Prophetesses never boast of themselves. Never, ever despise a Seer, a Prophet or Prophetess publicly acknowledged by the ordained. They are God’s true messengers. Receive a Prophet, you receive a Prophet’s reward.

Harm a Prophet you face God’s wrath at your peril. Ignore a Prophet’s guidance, you will live to regret it. Mockers, hecklers, the critical, agnostic, atheist, slanderer, needs love more than they would ever admit. Bless you who are hard hearted. Jesus Christ died for you more.

Admire the Elderly – Use their Wisdom.

It appears mature elderly believers are ignored in high numbers within modern Christian churches in Aotearoa, New Zealand. This is sad. God is no respecter of persons, but He expects respect toward the weaker vessels, old, poor, homeless not just the rich, businesslike, youth, aesthetically adept.

>God used Moses to lead the Children of Israel out of the Wilderness at the age of 80 years. Three million people, the size of this nation, followed him through the Wilderness for 40 years. The size of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Do we have a modern-day Moses?

>Boaz marries Ruth at the age of 80 years, she was 40 years old. Two generations joined. The day after their union was consummated, he died. Ponder on the spiritual phenomenon. Thank you Boaz, who passed on the Incorruptible Seed. That is the legacy of Jesus Christ’s lineage. Boaz never did get to hold his own child.

>The legacy of Moses undeniably is the Ten Commandments as the original, true, legal template for today’s world-wide legal system. We are no longer under the Law but under God’s Grace.

A Day of Pentecost Experience

The events of first gathering of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) parallel’s what may have happened on the Day of Pentecost, thousands of years ago.

Matthew 18.20 says…”Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I AM in the midst.” Acts 2 says…”they gathered together in unity, of one accord (mind, body, soul and spirit)….and gave all their possessions away, including their homes.” The first free open market-place city mission ministry, was unleashed.

About the Author

My name is Jeana Jurisich. Am Founder and Leader of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry.

This website is to share without restraint, the value of prophecy, prophetic teaching, prophetic art, prophetic lifestyle, prophetic revelation. Prophecy is one of the five-fold ministries and the office of a Prophet or Prophetess.

Prophecy is not about tarot card readings yoga, divination, crystal gazing, seances or clairvoyancy. Occult is the counterfeit spirit. Be aware the occult sneaks into Prophetic spaces, through religious individuals. The only spirit that leads us all into truth, life and light is the sacred, Holy Spirit.

Make Prophecy and the Apostolic Priority Ministries

A declaration is that every Christian church in Aotearoa, New Zealand utilises Prophecy as a norm, not the exception. Ahead of the Prophet, is the Apostle, then Teacher, Evangelist, Pastor, then diverse gifting’s.

Churches need to be lead by Apostles and Prophets. This is godly.

As Leader I share, I am New Zealand Maori (Indigenous) from tribes, Ngapuhi, Ngati-Tuwharetoa, Ngati-Porou, Tainui, and of mixed, American, European descent. Both parents descend from Native Maori Chief’s.

Am Founder and Leader of “Heaven on Earth (Prophetic)”with a core team of loyal and committed christian supporters and mature elderly intercessors that have been loyal and grounded gems.

Significant also is the activation of new Prophetic and Apostolic New Zealand ministries since meeting at Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) gatherings.

Am a member of a stable, grace-filled central Auckland church where the pure humble grace and love of Jesus Christ is preached.

Prophetic is Divine. It is the Voice and Heart of God to the one soul (you) and to the masses of lost souls. He chooses human mouth-pieces to give His message a Prophet, a Prophetess or the prophetically inclined.

God has used an animal to speak through (a donkey). He uses the earth, weather, signs and wonders or circumstances to express His brilliance. Significantly, God will convey messages of warning or of hope (Nahum 1 v 4-8). God is forever loving, forever faithful, forever calling and drawing the lost. He desires that no one perishes in the Fires of Hell. Hell, dear friends, is not a Hell’s Pizza Parlour. It is real and the place of condemnation for deadly to all who live perverse, immoral, godless, evil lives on earth, without Jesus Christ as Saviour and demons.

Age Specific is Not Discriminatory – Respect is Godly

Modern day churches unwittingly ignore using mature, faithful, loyal christians. They are seen not heard and shelf-shoved. God sovereignly speaks to and through people of all ages and races. Children, youth, middle-aged and the elderly. He is not age specific.God is timeless.

God is heart specific. Always has been and always will be.

Prophecy appears to not be fully appreciated in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Sadly,  leaders silence prophecy in churches throughout this nation – too many to count. Jezebel is the culprit with Ahab and Absolum spirit! How is God’s Voice to be heard otherwise, this can only be a sinister plot if ever there was one. There are consequences for silencing the prophetic and prophets.

Ignorant people, even Christians undervalue the purpose of God’s heavenly gift. He will raise “rocks” to speak to us. No man or woman can interfere with the Divine Plan of God for this age. Through healthy fellowship, the Word, His Body and Prayers, His plan survives. Prophets and Prophetesses in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand need to declare what is on God’s mind and heart for the church to strengthen. Listen, nothing happens until a Prophet or Prophetess speaks up and speaks out. Proclaim liberally what is in season. Spiritual atmosphere is altered.

Children – Little Prophet’s

Biblical references document how children ruled and reigned as Kings and Queens, graced with inherently rich wisdom beyond their natural years. They heard and spoke to God in their innocent years from the time of conception. Every prophet child, was and is divinely named and angelically protected from the cradle. Just amazing.

Encourage children to prophesy. Encourage them to share what they see through their innocent eyes. They are precious. Be prepared to be shocked out of your boots. Children have no agenda, no barriers, no filters to deceive or ulterior motive.

A Prophet and Prophetess Is Confirmed

>Jesus of Nazareth and John the Baptist were first cousin’s. Both mother’s were sister’s, Mary and Elizabeth.With every new move in the spiritual context of christendom, a Trumpeter announces the True Prophet.

>Look at young Samuel. He audibly heard God, the Father’s Voice. God called him four times. Has he been calling you? Samuel obeyed God, responded verbally and followed His Voice. Children quickly understand what God’s saying.

>A revelatory result of the deep crying to deep is demonstrated when Hannah’s desire to have a child was painfully heard to a point she was numbed to paralysis. She was heard loud and clear by God. A prophetic miracle happened  A child was given to her. She promised to give back to God the child for His Service and Glory. Persistence and speaking things into being is a spiritual phenomenon.

>This worked for earnest, passionate and barren Hannah. Why not for you? Try it-out for yourself. A reminder however, you need to receive Salvation, be filled with the Holy Spirit, practice speaking in spiritual tongues.

Jesus Christ, the Son, the Prophet, the King, the Saviour.

Youthful, serene Jesus, was found in the Temple by his earthly parents “going about His (Spiritual) Father’s business” listening to his Father’s teachings. The power of divine  providence and a person’s Calling can never be underestimated. If you are carrying a child in the womb, you could be carrying the next profoundly gifted, Apostle, Teacher, Evangelist, Pastor or Prophet.

A personal exercise for you to do is to research is who in your family tree has a legacy in Christianity. Someone was a born again Christian.

The Abandoned, the Justice Keeper, the Delverer, the Law-maker

Prophet and Leader – Moses was hidden by his common place mother in the “bullrushes” until the Pharoah’s wife, the Queen of Egypt, found him in a water boat (an ark). She raised him as her own. A man chosen from birth to become one of histories most outstanding Prophetic Leader.

At the mature age of 8o years, a fumbling, stuttering man Moses was called the Deliverer or “from the water arc.”

Older brother Aaron, walked with Moses until Aaron’s untimely death. Aaron’s death grieved Moses deeply as he was Moses right hand man and spokesmen. It was Aaron, who held Moses hands-up at every weak moment. His demise and failure to lead with moral integrity the Children of Israel, when Moses, was on Mount Sinai collecting the Ten Commandments. Can you be trusted with a Word?

It was proven Aaron was not entirely reliable and trustworthy.

Their only sister Miriam possessed a covetous, critical and bitter personality. She represents typical christians in modern day churches, who are jealous, wrecked with criticism, a mocking spirit, and deep lust for power, coveting a Prophet’s or Prophetesses mantle backfires.

Miriam suffered dire consequences in the end. She was banished outside the City Walls, with a rare skin disease. Do you covert others often?

Prophetic Leaders are Accountable

Who is your Armour bearer? Your spiritual confidante? Your Aaron? Your Jonathan? Your Mary? Your John? Are you trustworthy, transparent, honest, faithful, generous of spirit. Are you fleshy.

A pre-warning to all in prophetic ministries. If you are not married, you need a witness, an armour-bearer of the same gender when travelling until such a time that you marry. Attend a well functioning, loving, healthy, God-fearing, Holy Spirit filled church. Be on guard. Or marry rather than burn with lust and passion.

Steer away from bullying churches, oppressive and controlling in nature or full of narcissistic and religious mindsets who conceal their lust for money and power in their name and pretending it is in the name of Jesus Christ. They are not of God, not a hairline close to godliness, only thwart with duplicity and harm.

Promises to the Called and Faithful.

Matriarchal Mother Sarah allowed her hand-maiden, Haggar, to sleep with Abraham to conceive a child. Ishmael was born to Haggar. At 90 years of age, Isaac (the Son of Promise of the Spirit) was born by the union of Father Abraham and Sarah. He was nearly 100 years old.

It is by Abraham’s act of obedience that made him a hero, not so much his ability to father children in old age. Father Abraham in my eyes was the forerunner Father of Faith; the forerunner Father of all Father’s; the forerunner Father of Blessings and Promises.

“The blessing of the Lord makes us rich and adds no sorrow to it.” (Proverbs 10 vs 22). This promise is for you and I.

God’s prophesy spoke into being, the promised child born to Father Abraham and Mother Sarah. Father Abraham’s Seed is the true incorruptible seed. You see true Prophet’s and true Prophetesses originate from an Incorruptible Seed. They would never lie or resort to bullying tactics to affirm their identity.

You cannot give prophesy, without the leading of the peaceful serenity of Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit only speaks truth and of things to come. The vessel, the temple (you), must be pure, godly and sanctified. Maintain a moral, chaste lifestyle and never ever lie when you speak, prophesy or preach.

In the Beginning – Back to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) and the Beginning of the  Journey.

This day was a precursor to colourful one’s to come. A friend with linguistic ability heard people speaking foreign languages, biblically referred to as “speaking in tongues.”

With my friend’s knowledge of Hebraic and Arabic languages, she said it was a surprise for her to hear ordinary Kiwi’s speaking foreign languages, fluently.

Weeks later, Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) moved from the large Pohutakawa tree to a popular Auckland venue, the Headquarters of McDonald’s in Greenland, Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Without a doubt, a modern day marketplace, evangelical, prophetic gathering birthed – a “Church With No Walls” officially called “Heaven on Earth (Prophetic).”

Graceway Church (Hamilton) – Open Door to Prophetic Adventures

A first church invite was extended to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) in 2011, at Graceway Church, Hamilton. Thank you to church leader and friend Abby who made this possible. What a divinely charged, packed and anointed event. All seats were filled. Powerful prophetic flowed in this meeting beyond ministry team’s and local expectations. All Glory and all praise is God’s.

Years later, other prophetic ministries have visited Graceway Church. A magnet church for the prophetic. A true church of kindness and love.

Prophetic is a Phenomenal Supernatural Reality

The beating of hungry hearts to hear God’s Voice, to feel His Presence has never stopped at Heaven on Earth (Prophetic). The challenge is New Zealand churches must wake up. Lost souls must be priority, before church business extravagance and church real estate growth.

Apostasy and prodigals are on the increase in Aotearoa, New Zealand, due to the barrenness of prophetic. Kiwis in droves are turning off and turning away from “going to church.” Interactive Christianity should be a tangible loving experience on a daily basis.

Ezekiel 37…the Valley of the Dry Bones, key message is for Prophets and Prophetesses to speak out over people and church to “come alive” where there has been a lapse, dryness and no energy. This scripture also talks about the scattered Jewish nation coming together. “Dry bones come alive.”

Ministry Plants of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic)

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry went to Whangarei (est. in November 2018) on 17 February 2019.

After this meeting, Prophetess Julie and Warren Cherry ministered in a local couple’s home in Whangarei, then followed a few days later with a visit from Prophet Len Butner, at Women’s Aglow meeting. He is quoted as saying “God is up to something in Whangarei city ” All Glory is God’s.

Where have some friends of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) settled?

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) family, friends and visitors over the years have experienced lifestyle changes due to their personal prophetic words coming to pass.

>Some have “gone on to heaven from earth” (in 2018) like brave-hearted Sarah F. Precious Maori Ngati-Tuwharetoa kuia Gaye C. Long-standing faithful Taranaki Prophetic Intercessor, the late Grace Winther. Loyal Foundation member and Tuhoe wahine, Yvonne’s husband, Brent fought a long fight before his passing in 2018. Yvonne is a loyal advocate for the poor and homeless in Tamaki and Orakei impoverished. Hidden, political greed have extinguished the hopes of many good Kiwis and the homeless from owning a quarter acre section.

>The Redeemed leader brother Amos and brother Mark, with longstanding ministry Christian Riders have survived years of Bike Ministries in way before others thought of “christians on bikes.” They were guests at Te Aroha Hui, Whangarei October 2016, sponsored by Heaven on Earth (Prophetic), where many connections for Maori Ministries were birthed and met each other for the first time.

Every ministry represented have catapulted new leaders throughout the nation like a tsunami revival wave. May God’s love abound.

Rarely spoken about are the casualties of war-torn Christian soldiers who never stayed the course of battle due to dejection and spiritual abuse.

Spiritual abuse is common-place in Pentecostal and secular circles. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) will not tolerate abuse, ever. Power lust, greed, fleshly desires, ultra-egos, ministry jealousies, religious spirits, a dislike for the poor, racially different are rare reasons for abuse. God’s love covers all misgivings.

Public popularity stakes and exposure is not encouraged at Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) due to pitfalls that  pride and arrogance media attention incites into ministries who boast. We walk in the Spirit as He is Spirit.

All Glory is God’s for every act of goodness and soul saving that every true ministry evokes.

Motivation to Pray for a Revelation for the Prophetic Movement

A few months before the official Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry ‘s gathering, three Auckland church leaders announced, prophecy was not permitted to be released in their churches for unknown reasons (possibly to preserve order).

Restricting prophecy and banning it is opposite what God planned for mankind. A fourth Auckland church, well-known for ushering in positive revelatory moves in God announced the unthinkable. No references were to be made by parishioners regarding “the function and presence of the Holy Spirit within the church walls.” A fatal move indeed. Profanity was heard over this pulpit at a formal service with no flinching by respectable listeners.

(Deep within my spirit, a Still Small Voice stirred, sadly).

Prophetic words spoken from the Dominion Prophetic Conference (Hamilton North, NZ July 2018) and Prophetess’s Julie Cherry (from Australian Council of Prophets), another prophetic voice Hamilton East, NZ (September 2018) endorsed the continuation of  Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry.

Apostle Prophet Chuck Pierce

Apostle Prophetic Leader of Glory of Zion, Denton Texas, publicly endorsed the Apostolic Prophetic Calling on Maori and Pakeha (September, 2016). An Apostolic Prophetic mantle direct from Chuck Pierce and the Ministry team was given with an authentic Jewish Shawl. Rangitira Apostle Tatou and Hine Rameka were chosen by Chuck Pierce to stand as the first Maori couple to represent a “Gateway for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people’s in this Nation” to enter by.  Apostle Tatou has gone to heaven. A fight well fought. He was faithful and authentic.

Chuck Pierce reiterated under the anointing that Maori were the “Gateway by which God will move through this nation, Aotearoa New Zealand.” Prisons, schools, churches, government organisations, the lost will be impacted. The event took place at Waipuna Conference Centre, Mount Wellington, Auckland, NZ. A full prophetic script is available for readers to peruse including a YOUTUBE video. Contact the author for a Copy.

Governance and Unity

God chooses to speak to, and through a church based on sound orderly governance, that is submitted to His Voice. 1 Corinthians 12 verse (v27) NKJV it says “Now you are the Body of Christ, and members individually (v28) And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of hearings, helps, administration, varieties of tongues.”

True Prophetic leaders are mindful of spiritual, biblical and legal protocols operating within this gifting. Spiritual safety and protection allows for maximum benefits to the Body of Christ. Pastors as we know, jealously care for the flock while evangelists reach out to the sea of countless lost souls to harvest before the End Time curtain falls. Both Pastor and Evangelist complete the five-fold ministry within a contemporary church structure. God will always operate through orderliness, not chaos. He orders chaos. 

Readers of the Prophetic Website

May you better understand the significance and benefits of the Prophetic Gift as you read on. The website will stir interest deep within your spirit.

Switch off your (Greek, English or Maori) brain and natural reasoning, to hear what God’s Spirit has to say to your (Hebrew spiritual) heart today, until you are called to Heaven eternally.

You can ultimately touch God in “Heaven on this Earth” wherever you are. It is a dimensional shift. Prophecy is a heavenly gift that has from my point of view and experience, saved many a day, for so many, many, people. Including my own.

God Will Defend New Zealand Forever

New Zealand is a nation that enjoys freely spoken prophetic word, biblical teachings, open air evangelism and still we as a nation, adore the Occult, New Age Teachings and Practices, Free Masonry and tohunga practices of the Indigenous. Our borders are open to every “strange belief and practice” from other religions and Third World nations. Wake up Kiwis, unless we place God Almighty as the only God, every other god will establish dominion. These minions are an abomination.

Prophets and Prophetesses are called by God, the Father, not by man.

A common factor that links precious souls to this Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) website is a hunger to feel God’s touch, hear His voice, His heart and His Love.

All that visit this website, are led by Divine Appointment. If you are in a place right now, of curiosity, frustration, sheer hopelessness, fading faith, an untenable crisis, desperation, or folly, this website will support you to access positive, godly change in your life. Grab a bible and check what has been written in this website.

I emphasise over and over to you, to check out every scripture spoken and every word written.

The Journey (Hikoi) begins.

A Kingdom-based ministry was activated when Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry held the very first gathering. A spiritual and physical transaction catalytically took place over Auckland in 2010, on a local level, then a regional, national, and global level. It has been my observation and belief the consistent release of  prophetic in the central core suburb of Auckland, that is Greenlane, catalytically activated major physical and spiritual prophetic transformations up and down this nation of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

God’s Presence has been powerful during every meeting and cascaded out into the atmosphere. People were healed, delivered, prayed for, encouraged and saved.

“Glory Realm” experiences spread throughout this country inside and outside church walls. Gold dust fell during a meeting throughout the entire room descended from the ceiling.

Wonderful, rich experiences remain unrecorded of gatherings since Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry started, due to the sheer volume of events. Heaven’s scrolls no doubt have recorded every precious occasion, miracle, encounter, joke and visitors impressions. Expressions of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit of  love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, patience, long-suffering. gentleness, self-control, faithfulness remain intact.

Activists for Tamaki Re-Deveopment for the Poor attended the gatherings chanting Stand Up For Your Rights Fight Back We Will Win the Fight. God cried for them.

Jesus Christ was an Activist with a Six Pointed Star

Apostle Paul urged…”above all, pursue the gift of prophesy.” He said this for a reason. The health of the church community is based firstly on the faith-filled declaration of an Apostle, then the activation of a spiritual revelation from a Prophet or Prophetess and understanding scholarly efforts of a Teacher.

Prophetic proclamations call into being “things that are not, as if they are.” Things have not happened, before. Are stagnant. Agree with His Word, just speak it out.

Read about Prophet Elijah and Prophet Ezekiel as their lives are a true demonstration of the Power of God and His Word at work.

The Kingdom of God is not just in Word, but it is (also) in Power. It is the Spirit of God, the sacred Holy Spirit, that all things are sanctified and blessed by.Prophecy is not a lonely person’s gift, it is best when shared. remember no one is perfect.

Do not Throw Hatchets at the Moon.

American, Prophetic Visionary, the late, John Paul Jackson’s book “Throwing Hatchets at the Moon” informs the reader concerning the pitfalls met by those who delve in spiritual realms reserved for authorised sinister, evil beings. Dreams, interpretations and godly guidance feature in Mr Jackson’s broad ministry and several anointed books penned by him.

Another godly man and prophetic musical personality, the late American Kim Clements, was also a devoted Christian man ahead of his time. Before his untimely death, Kim Clements prophesied Donald John Trump would be the new divinely appointed President of the United States. It was accurate.

Prophetic heals, prophetic releases burdens, prophetic activates destiny, prophetic is authentic and supernatural power. Believe, not fear God when He speaks to you.

True prophetic will always point to Him and steer away from calamity, the weird, the dark, perverse and spiritual wickedness. Prophetic is the Word of God. Can anyone access a Prophetic Word or is it only for “churchy religious people?”

Jesus Christ’s spontaneity and personable prophetic insights, gave a seasoned Word to every person He encountered. Jesus Christ did not judge or discriminate against anyone. He was despised by the Pharisees. He was, and is and will always be, full of mercy, grace, hope and love.

The Prophetic Mantle He carried positively altered physical and shifted spiritual paradigms. He never delayed a prophetic request to help someone. He did not wait for the next Church Prayer meeting or rubbish day, or to hire a counselling room or wait for the church build to complete or for a new coffee machine to be purchased, He gave prophetic relief and inspiration to the hurting, sickly, fearful and shamed, right at their place of need.

By the Well, in the Heart of a Bustling Crowd, near the Beautiful Pool, in the middle of a fiery furnace, a sinking boat during a raging storm.

As we read in the Word, Jesus Christ was judged mercilessly by religious Pharisees due to their religious blindness, animosity, and jealousy of the Authority He so effortlessly demonstrated. He was God made flesh. Jesus Christ had particular knowledge of every satanic spirit, behind every sickness and condition for this reason. He knew exactly when to apply Authority and Power, to dismantle the curses of darkness; of the satanic. Of Satan himself.

Kingdom of God – is in Power.

Jesus Christ fashionably and without any apology, named and rebuked the demonic. He eternally holds the author and source of the demonic realm, in contempt. God-fearing christians, Prophets and Prophetesses are to do exactly the same. Move strongly in uncompromising, Word and Power. Full throttle. Show no fear or mercy toward evil, not a twitch. Isaiah 45. Ensure you are anointed to access the double open doors of blessing whereby dominion being his, is yours. Is mine. We walk in it. We act on it. We take it.

Persecution is a Shadow Partner of the Prophetic.

Prophetic people learn very fast that many judge them unjustifiably and without good cause. This is expected. It is persecution as described in 2 Corinthians: 8 v 18. In the same token, they are admired by many for the authoritative power entrusted to them, to release burdens too overwhelming to bear. Miracles and healing’s demonstrate God’s Divine Power.

Remain humble and consecrated before the Throne of Grace, as an ultra-ego opens the door to pride and misplaced self-glory. Pride has a stench, a taste, a sound and a signature. it’s self-centred.

Pride  and Ego are Enemy’s of the Prophetic.

There is nothing more irritating than a prideful, arrogant bullying prophetic (or pastoral) person. Run from them. They will cause more harm than good to you, no matter how inspiring the Word given is. If you want to be popular, loved by the world and your workmates, your unsociable or negative family, the critics, the anti-christian lout, refrain from getting into the Prophetic realm.

It is an enemy of the flesh, the shallow, the evil cladded and immoral. Covet no ones gift, especially not a Prophet or Prophetesses.

Since Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry, fellow New Zealander’s and foreigners have requested personal prophetic words as far away as South Africa, Australia, Northern Ireland, Canada, Dubai, United States of America, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, African nations and the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Google has enabled global audiences to view this website. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry and the website is a Gift from God to many. It is His website. All Glory is His.

The New Zealand and Australian Factor is Kiwozzy (said as key-was-see). Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) love Australia, Australians and the Indigenous People of Australia, the Aborigines. In the Service Section two prophecies are scripted.

Australia and New Zealand Background

Of some interest, is an observation that New Zealand and Australia have a long held bond in areas of sport, politics, language, food and historical war-time liaison especially the renowned the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (1914-1916) or ANZAC event.

Both countries fought together against their rivals in the vicious Mediterranean war and the Battle of Gallipoli against all odds. Such credulous comradeship existed to become one of the most famous war-time alliances ever recorded.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry has sponsored active prophetic exchanges between New Zealand and Australia since 2015.  Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry fully support in timely anticipation a “spiritual ANZAC” liaison, expanding to the Pacific Rim, and other Continents in the Globe.

We need Australia. Australia needs New Zealand. Pacific Cousins

Kiwis, Australians, foreigners, the educated, politicians, the unchurched, the churched, the cynical, agnostics, the prodigals, the gifted, the lonely, the sick, the rich and poor, young and old, the hopeful and hopeless, especially those in a place of extreme darkness and deep despair continue to be touched when they access support from home groups and gathering.

Nothing passes His eyes or ears. Psalm 11 verse 12 says “God sees all and will hold to account every word spoken and action done.”

The Kiwi Bird – New Zealand’s National Icon

For clarity, a “kiwi” (keewee) is the name of New Zealand’s native bird, our national icon. I draw on the kiwis special features in a comparative form to express prophetic elements. The kiwi is always at risk of extinction. The kiwi and the prophetic are protected. Kiwis have the help of human conservationists to survive.

The Divine Heart, Hand and Eyes of God protect Prophets. God loves His mouthpieces. Intercessors and safe closely-knit prayer warriors protect us, as earthly vanguards.

The Kiwi and the Prophetic have enemies. Listen closely, you will increase friendships and enemies once you commence a journey, acknowledging prophetic utterance.

Find a kiwi! It is not a flock bird, it usually hides itself in the native bushland of New Zealand, as far south as the cold Fiordland’s, the South Island. An odd looking bird with a funny pear-shaped, oblong body. It cannot fly naturally, however, spiritual kiwis have been known to fly on 747 airways. Emirates, JetStar, Air NZ, Thai Airways.

It is by nature, earth bound with both slender feet firmly on the ground, using the classic long beak with two holes at the tip, to help forage for food. With good eye sight in dark places a kiwi is agile in the natural environment from whence it came.

The feathers of a kiwi are highly sought after used to make and adorn cloaks known by traditional Maori as a “korowai”(cloak) worn by highly ranked Chiefs and highly esteemed dignitaries, Prophetesses and Prophets. This is how precious, the kiwi is. Similarly, true Prophets and true Prophetesses are highly sought after for the divine enablement granted to them by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that selects severally what gifting we each receive.

Prophets and Prophetesses are chosen and called by God from the beginning of time. They “turn on the light” so those living in darkness can see better and walk in new hope, where there is no hope. To a desperate sufferer, a wise prophetic word has the power to turn a world of despair into one of freedom, enduring joy and hope.

Feeling isolated, abandoned, rejected, abhorred, alone, vulnerable, in danger? Declare your saving grace, and prophesy wellness over your own life, right this moment.

What is the Purpose of Prophecy?

Prophecy answers desperate questions and unlocks life’s secrets. Prophecy makes things happen.

Prophecy encourages, warns, announces, proclaims, draws people together, redirects, strengthens, builds communities, builds stronger churches and establishes healthier nations. This is God’s plan for humanity. Like the wee kiwi, prophecy is best seen and heard, not hidden away for only few to access. Prophecy is a blessing, a powerfully uplifting gift.

True Prophets and True Prophetesses live solitary, painful lives for modest rewards. Hidden often in daily meditation, role-modelling godly leadership and a sanctified life. We often hide. Miracles are promised as in Joshua 3 v 5.  Joshua said “Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you,” True Corporals and Generals in spiritual warfare.

God desires to speak to every human being on earth however, not everyone knows He exists or cares about what He thinks of them. Some choose to ignore God’s relevance, the agnostic. Therefore, the commission to preach the gospel becomes more relevant while there is still time. There are those who never acknowledge Him or do not seek answers from Him until it is far too late.

Matthew 24 vs 14 (KJV) says “The Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the “world” (Greek for “otters” which means the civilised world) as a witness unto all nations. And then shall the end come.” A theological surprise for you, this scripture has already happened, 40 years after Jesus christ was crucified.

This Gospel is to live right, in peacefulness, and with a heart of joy in the Holy Spirit in a kingdom dominion. A Kingdom Mindset is the blueprint of every Prophet or Prophetess, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

When you encounter a True Prophetic Man or Woman, you are assured of a life-style change. You will be impacted. Life for you will change. There is no doubt about that.

Where did the name “Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) originate from?

“Heaven on Earth (Prophetic)” Ministry is a name chosen by me to describe the “heavenly” factor when believers meet here “on earth” in a safe, worshipful prophetic setting. No religious restraints exist. The life-span of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry is beyond all expectations, especially mine. Doors close for this market-place gathering, when God says so.

This website is all about God’s prophetic love and is nurturing and gentle. Never forceful, manipulating, angry, threatening or brutal. Shouting extremely loud when prophesying is not necessary, and should be discouraged. The spirit of prophesy is subject to the Prophet. Louder, does not always mean, better.

True testimonies prove God’s message was heard and given accurately. Since the first public meeting, literally hundreds and thousands of people have visited Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry. The Word of God has, and is always preached, there is no compromise. The Gospel is well represented.

People have travelled to gatherings from all points of Auckland city, from small kiwi towns, cities and distant continents as far away as South America, Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America and the Holy Land of Israel.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry – Bless Israel Event 2017

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry supported and helped organise New Zealand’s first Auckland “Bless Israel Event”(2017). National New Zealand Prophetic Ministries catalytically birthed when prospective event organiser visited unplanned or divinely met Heaven On Earth (Prophetic) in the earlier days.

An Open Pulpit at Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry

It is allowed many hopefuls and current national leaders of other NZ and foreign ministries speak at this gathering. No grand-standing or elitism overrides, common unity. .

What do people desire the most when they attend Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry?

A Prophetic word and encounter. A genuine hug. A kind word. A gentle smile. A warm handshake. Loving connection to others. Someone to hear and to listen to their voice. God’s Word. Pastorless, thirsty, weak prodigals, have found safe watering holes in home-groups and gatherings dotted all over Auckland and New Zealand, gatherings like Heaven on Earth (Prophetic). numbers do not matter, depth of one’s quality matters.

Over the past decade Auckland and New Zealand churches have closed their doors for unique reasons, leaving parishioners in a position to re-plant themselves all over again. It is a very traumatic experience to be a natural orphan even a spiritual orphan following a family church split or closure. Jezebel has visited such churches when they were thriving, ad left after they were destroyed.

Some spiritual orphans found their way to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry gatherings, like camels looking for a drinking hole in the Sahara Desert. People are invited to gatherings, by word-of-mouth, to sing, for a friendly unthreatened, spiritual prophetic word. People initially visit not for religion or to find another church, and least of all, not to be judged.

Since the first gathering, people have been released by Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry team into prophetic activation, ministered overseas, settled down, married, supported spiritually abused christians, a transgender found acceptance and obtained good employment. A fashion model gave her heart to Jesus Christ when she merely passed the meeting room, on her way to the toilet.

Others come for healing, to meet new friends, to pursue positive career paths, received deliverance (from demonic possession), requested prayerful support before imminent death or to not die, begged for food, sought blessings for their children, needed comfort through an untimely divorce, a number have suffered acute financial loss and debt and a small number have faced pending court appearances.

Practical help is given in equal measure after a prophetic word, to seed hope for personal growth. Giving of food, finance, clothing, or cars, accomodation and overseas trips paid for have blessed so many. A koha (a gifted donation) is given to attendees travelling on a ministry trip overseas, or given to someone in a state of greater need. No monetary collections are given to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic), only small gifts. This is not a focus.

As Leader of Heaven on Earth, there is never any demand for money. Alms or offerings are entirely voluntary. Faithful giving to those who serve and speak on ministry circuits and regularly behind the pulpit is both biblical and understood.

Stewardship has deep meaning in the life of the religious. However, I have observed tele-evangelists, close to home and world-wide drain the resources of the weak, the disadvantaged, the widowed, the poor and the fatherless (James 1 vs 27). This is literally, daylight robbery. it is not right. It is error.

There are no acts of forcing, bullying or religious coercion toward visitors that attend the gatherings. Payment for a Prophetic Word, Healing, or Salvation is heresy. Paying for a prophetic word is unbiblical. It is falsity. Clairvoyants demand payment as do spiritual mediums. The act and thought to use prophetic as a money grabbing act, is truly abhorrent. Prophecy is freely given through the unction of the Holy Spirit.

Pay for prophecy? No, not at Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry, ever. Not on my watch. Currently, this modern day practice is rife and spread by social media in this nation due to common practice and acceptance of on-line ministries overseas.

Remember the biblical story about the young girl who yelled out among the crowds announcing Apostle Simon’s powerful presence and gift, she was acting as his cheerleader to pull the crowds. The agenda was an insidious hidden plan. It was for money. The demon in her was mocking the true power Simon had. She was rebuked and ordered to “be silent.”

Charlatans should be called out for deception. Guest Speakers and Ministers including Prophetesses and Prophets are given 100% monetary reward every time. It is biblical they are rewarded in this way. On another note, if a Minister or Prophet or Prophetess is not given monetary reward, this is a disservice on the hosts part. Unacceptable treatment.

Is the Word of God Powerful?

It is significant that the Kingdom of God is not just in Word but in Power for all five-fold ministries. God’s power is real. It is supernatural. He shows Himself as a gentle and loving Father by performing miracles and healing for every human condition. His Presence lingers. His anointing continues to powerfully break the yoke of restriction and suffering in many gatherings of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry. it is the Anointing of God that breaks the strongholds of the satanic. Smith’s Wigglesworth knew this phenomenon intimately.

Prophets and Prophetesses can be more active in deliverance of the demonic, by merely, being present in close proximity of the sufferer. This is an ultimate role distinction.

Access Current & Future Prophetic Events in New Zealand & Overseas

(Refer to “Contact Us” section for recent and Updated Prophetic Events and  Prophetic Words).

Website Views

Align to the Word of God. His Word is the Compass True North. A personal preference is King James Version (KJV) or New King James Version (NKJV), based on a belief that biblical transcripts are authentically translated with a good theological cross-referencing. Alternatively, the Passion is another version.

The salvation message (evangelical), Power of the Cross (of true repentance), the Comforter, Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit (filled with the Spirit of God), Speaking in Tongues and Water Baptism (by full immersion in water) are the patterned model of Jesus Christ’s power and the expansion of the Kingdom of God in Aotearoa New Zealand and globally.

Every word, deed and teardrop at Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) since 2010, is recorded on Heaven’s Scrolls into Eternity.

Living right, living in peace and living in a place of overwhelming joy is the eternal relationship God designed for us, from the day we were conceived. This is what the Gospel of the Kingdom is simply all about. Not elaborate get rich religious scams and schemes under the guise of Christianity or attending trendy gigs with roasted coffee beans before and after church services.

Feeding the flesh, the eye-gate, the ultra-ego, the need to be centre-stage all of the time, is completely opposite to what God designed for us. God forbid that masses fall for this.

All prophecy at Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry is given publicly for other believers to judge, to discern the spirit present and thereby ensure spiritual safety and to build up the faith of others present. Sitting on a “hot seat” is not practiced at our gatherings, due to the lack of privacy and embarrassment this style evokes.

Everyone who is a believer is encouraged to prophesy over someone, if there is permission, if there is comfort and safety and if there are true prophetic individuals, in the gatherings. We are all developing in our prophetic journey together and there is much scope for growth.

The delivery of Prophecy should be heard in the open, if not, there is a risk that it is more likely to be babble, and not from God. it should not be a show. Deception is real.

The deadliest tools used by the enemy is to gain entry into the lives of the innocent through flattery and seduction. Deception leads to distraction and eventually self-destruction. Deception, hoodwinks, is perverse and is known to have slimed Prophetic Leaders and ministries.

Occult agents infiltrate active, growing and anointed prophetic movements  worldwide however Jesus Christ is far more powerful. Be warned. Be very aware. Set strong protective boundaries and ensure intercessors are updated and activated in the prophetic realm.

How can you tell a True Prophet or True Prophetess?

By spiritual confirmation. Does what they say align to Scripture? Know your Word. Diligently study. Meet them face-to-face. Eat with them. Do they have grace, love and kindness? Be very careful however, not to pre-judge, a new or unknown prophetic individual or worse a Prophet or Prophetess.

You can taste truth in someone. Are they of extreme beliefs? Do they have a solid background? Do they demonstrate a sense of Jesus-like compassion? You will feel a warm presence? Do they have a record of delivering truthful godly, accurate prophetic.

Fruit matters. Good fruit, really matters. A ministry should have fruit, deep fruit in the persons character. Spiritual fruit and good sound relationships with the church community.

Deception is so difficult to detect with the naked eye. If you are immature, unskilled in the Word of God and not led by Holy Spirit, you will struggle. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. You will become extremely discerning, know the scriptures, pray and interact with sound, caring and positive Christians to be prepared to fight in the spirit.

Humbly walk and follow the God of former Prophets and Prophetesses, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Deborah, Esther, and many many more, however avoid idolising those in Prophetic ministries. They are fallible. The enemy waits crouched, to debase.

Is a Teaching Gifting and a Prophetic edge an Ideal Combination?

Prophecy is possibly the most judged of the five-fold ministry gifting. It is the most powerful. Possessing Word of Knowledge, a discerning gift, is impactful when operating with a Prophetic arm. God chooses to speak directly through His mouthpieces to reveal facts about people in the audience, a community, a nation, or a continent.

Judgment can be unkind toward the prophetic individuals, however, it “does go with the territory.” God sternly warns,”Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.” Harm them, God will avenge His mouthpieces. Be very careful if you are judging someone you know little about moreso, if the person you are judging moves in the true Power and Authority of God. It is sinful to criticise a Man or Woman of God and your brother or sister, with no just cause.

Should a Prophetess and a Prophet Hide for their Safety?

At times it is required as daily heavy mortar in spiritual battle can tire out God’s Man and Woman of God. The truth is every demon cannot stand Prophets and Prophetesses.

Warring Christians with the prophetic edge are tasked to annihilate powers of darkness everyday. The barrage of false legal spiritual accusations and slander increase,  however, this is the cost, that needs to be weighed clearly in early days.

Governmental, impoverished, media and financial sectors are where the most persecuted people are targeted. Hide? No. No need to really. Confront your Enemies with His Love as guided by the Holy Spirit. Love, smashes all dark intent. Faith, shields enemy weaponry.

“We fight not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities in high places.”

David hid from the sword of Saul. Joseph was hidden in the depths of a pit by his jealous brothers. The desert hid Moses. Rahab hid the spies. Mary and Joseph hid prior to Jesus Christ’s birth.

Biblical history reveals God hid 7000 prophets from a death sentence by wicked Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab. They both worshipped Baal, a pagan god. Prophet Elijah was sure he was the last prophet living. He destroyed Jezebel’s prophets then hid himself in a cave, out of fear and dread. Jezebel decreed that Prophet Elijah be found and vengeance paid upon his person. He was to die. She was eradicated instead.

Prophet Elijah had earlier called down fire from heaven to consume the impossible of challenges against the Prophets of Baal. God was watching his heart of obedience. There is a time to face the masses again. On the flip side hear only His Voice simply indulge in quietness What is interesting, is God hid from Prophet Elijah, that He had concealed 7000 prophets.

Even if a man or woman hides you for sinister reasons, God is in total control to bring you “forth” for His Glory and His Glory, in His time for maximum blessing.

Embrace being hidden. God rewards in His Time. I truly believe He hides – whom He trusts, the greatest and uses for the most dangerous assignments – all for His Glory.

Read Psalm 31 verse 18 (God says) “Silence their lying lips those proud have arrogant lips that accuse the godly. How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear You. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection.”

The inverse is “Receive a Prophet, you receive a Prophet’s reward.”

There is a popular saying in Christian circles and, that is “watch out for the wolves in sheep’s clothing.” History, recent and past, document that “wolves” can also appear in in the form of leaders or mentors we once trusted or individuals who infiltrate churches with sinister and ulterior motives due to their occultic assignment. A wolf is a dangerous animal to sheep (who the church are symbolically referred to as). The wolf’s nature is to separate, ravage and mercilessly eat and destroy lambs and sheep, even the shepherd, if it were possible.

More of a reason for Prophets and Prophetesses to be visibly connected to a healthy, spiritual and loving local church. Never ever, minister or travel alone on a mission, without proper invitation, or authoritative protection.

What is the Difference between a Prophetic Person and a True Prophet?

There is a difference folks.

People sense true Prophets and Prophetesses due to their strong level of discernment and God’s Mantle of authority they carry. The church is a natural and a spiritual hedgerow of protection for them. It is a special church that allows the resident Prophet or Prophetess to function without controlling them. Most Prophets and Prophetesses are itinerant ministers and are very successful.

Insecurity, held by a leader is like a stone in a Prophet and Prophetesses shoe. En-masse control demonic spirits are heavily present around good shepherds, true worship leaders and musicians and true prophetic individuals. There is no easy way to say it.

Psalm 109 is such an in-depth expression of David’s heart-ache. His enemies were at every corner, seeking his demise, total destruction and demise. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) has received attention, not desired or sought after.

Humility is precious response to every high profile status. Pride puffs up. Enemies increase relentlessly. This is to be expected however, not to be accepted. Criticism, verbal degradation, backbiting, mocking are vehicles used  by the enemy in an attempt to topple and destroy every anointed Leader or prophetic voice that is God appointed.

Faith, the Audience, God’s Presence Raise Prophetic Power – Partnering.

Invariably, a Prophet or Prophetess is received by the hearer from either a negative (faithless) or a positive (faith-filled) perspective. It is commonplace for recipient’s of the prophetic to feel a sense of elation following the delivery of a wonderful “Word”or from a place of anguish when nothing happens within a human timeframe. Prophetic word is a proclamation for a particular season, place and time. Patience, long-suffering, joy, peace and hope grow when waiting for a prophecy to come to pass. True prophecy will happen sooner than later.

A good exercise is for the Reader to “pray in spiritual tongues” for up to an hour, then expand to two hours, and more when the spiritual challenges increase in intensity.

Prophecy has no real value unless there is a deep relationship between the individual and God. Spending quality and quantity time with Him. Sharpen your ears, hear every deep-seated prompt in your heart. A way to grow a godly relationship with God is to Worship Him. Study and memorise His Word. His Voice is on every page. Read to hear His Voice. When you know someone very well, you recognise their voice. This is a key element in knowing it is God speaking to you. Discern if it is God. Prophetic is hearing the Voice of God, the Voice you know.

Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that need not be afraid, rightly dividing the word of Truth 11 Timothy 2 v 15. Oh, you need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, fundamental really.

True Word, True Prophet, True Prophetess 

Make no mistake, a True Prophet, Prophetess or a prophetic individual releases pure thoughts from the Heart of God by true inspiration only from the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

People visit Prophets, Prophetesses and the prophetic by the masses for a personal Prophetic Word. Give it, deliver it. Bless the Body of Christ. Again, resist with al your might from charging money for a Prophetic Word. This is not biblical.

Prophets are not exempt from bearing fruit as good fruit. Fruit remain. Fruit do not lie, good or bad. Paul teaches in I Corinthians 13 that God’s love serves others, prefers others, is pure, and of good report. God is Love. Know God and you know what His Love is.

True Prophets or Prophetesses rarely draw people to themselves. It happens though. The Prophetic gift has a very strong magnetic-like pull. With godly interventions, personal tests, humble heart, lowliness with a contrite spirit God will use a pure-hearted vessel to touch the masses. Oh beloved, pride is a cruel master. Keep humble. Never show off or grand stand. You can do nothing without Him.

True Prophets and Prophetesses who demonstrate careful restraint with people’s information until it is the right time and place to reveal it. Trusted and highly regarded by God, the Father. Prophecy is definitely not clairvoyancy, voodoo, mind-control, new age spiritualism, soothe-saying, mate kite in Maori (means “seers of death”), iridology, tarot card reading, mantra chanting, mystics, medium readings, horoscopes, hypnotism or divination. They are all abominations to God.

True Prophetic Word is as if God is speaking in front of you 

So many people are searching for an accurate personal Word to relieve them from genuine distress. Prophetic individuals can help. A Word from God is as pure gold. It is He who formed your frame from conception and it is He who foreknows your every need, yesterday, today and forever. Occult and wicked sources however, have limited reach as their origins are from sinister realms of darkness. Jezebel the stubborn and rebellious, Antichrist and Death and Hell are three dark strongmen foes of godliness.

Jezebel is a jealous spirit, hungry for power and control, destroyer of good and brutal.

I strongly advocate your source for prophetic inquiry to be 100% inspired by someone led by the Holy Spirit. How do you know if someone is genuinely Holy Spirit filled? They will be positively encouraging and speak of Jesus Christ (born of Virgin Mary), speak of the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, speak of the (Redemptive) Power of the Blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Prophecy “turns the light on” for those who cannot spiritually see their way through absurd difficulties. Remember the kiwi cannot see readily in strong light, it can in its most natural place.

Before God changes anything regarding a person’s life or the dawning of a major event, He will first reveal it to His Prophets as in Amos 3 verse 7 (KJV) “Surely the Lord will do nothing but he revealeth the secret unto his servants the Prophets.” He will get a Word to a person or a nation if the help is so desperately required. Refer to Psalm 121. Whether imprisoned, hunted down, stalked, ignored, humiliated, dejected, ambushed, trapped and abused.

God has spoken through ordinary kiwis, local ministries and overseas Prophets and Prophetesses, over the generations concerning His plans for this small but Great Nation Aotearoa, New Zealand since the millennium (Year 2000).

Why Aotearoa, New Zealand? His plans have placed our nation in the centre of the world stage on occasions. Aotearoa, New Zealand, let us open our shores to more foreigners and show off our brilliant hospitality. Open your houses, open your cupboards, open your Land for others to live on and your heart. Aotearoa, New Zealand is at the Ends-Of-The-Earth.

Changing gear in conversation. We are the furtherest nation from the Holy Land, Israel.

All creation is groaning for the rising up of the Sons of God, the True Son’s of God in this Nation and around the Globe. May God Bless this Nation. May God Defend Aotearoa, New Zealand always.

Are the scriptures referring to Aotearoa, New Zealand as a Prophetic Catalyst and Fore-runner Nation, by which End-time Biblical scriptures speak of? This Nation cannot be under-estimated.

Frequently Updated Prophetic Blog by Author About Local and World Stage Events.

>As it is in the days of old, new and seasoned Prophets and Prophetesses should speak into world stage events and to International Leaders more now than ever before.

>On Tuesday, 1 August 2017, we saw this Nation’s leadership change and subsequent changes have impacted this nation and relationships with other nations.

>Rural and urban New Zealanders from the early 1930’s, and now into the millennium, have moved away from traditional church life, and become more diverse.

>Let this Nation rise again to greater economic, commercial and financial heights where local government listens for once to the basic needs of ordinary New Zealanders who want, affordable housing, affordable rental properties, clean waterways, innovative jobs, free tertiary education, no poverty where children’s lives matter, no sale to foreign investors of our land and resources, lower numbers of imprisoned Kiwis.

>God’s heart hurts when the poor and the lonely are deserted and abused.

>Hoping for a better New Zealand where the gap is smaller between the rich and the poor and mostly the honouring of Maori, the Indigenous peoples.

>May Maori Language, the Reo be used in the media, schools, government institutions, in the streets more than ever before.

>Currently the gap has increased where only a few are wealthy and economically prosper.

>Prophets and Prophetesses arise, “speak” hope and blessing into the communities you live, on your street, over the hedge to your neighbours, to the poorest of the poor, the homeless, the sick, cancerous infected, the unsaved, the unchurched, the well-to-do, the privileged.

>Revival needs to happen here on the soils of our own country first.

>May the Wind, the Spirit, the Fire, the Water and the Power of God, be unleashed from speaking proclamations as in Deuteronomy 28 verse 12,13,14.

>The increase of the Prophetic in this nation has seen new Prophetic Councils and Prophetic create since 2008. The hope is there be unity, not elitism, or competitiveness between prophetic groups. There is such contention. Flesh die. Spirit live.

>There are the Career Prophets and Conferences that make a healthy lifestyle however, proffering from a prophetic lifestyle has its challenges in New Zealand. There are tailored seminary Teacher Prophets to and for the Body of Christ in New Zealand.

>Social media has positively increased the spread of the Prophetic, allowing connectivity across communities and other nations to New Zealand, especially through the Face Book medium.

>The Gift used by a hireling is ingenuine. The difference with a hireling and one who is not, is simple. A hireling, has no relational investment or love for the flock. It is for pure puffed up, monetary gain and ego. The latter is motivated by a deep love for the sheep whether lost, diseased, scattered or dying.

Over the years and decades, New Zealand spiritual paddocks have been littered with once healthy, sheep, now prodigals drifting aimlessly or sitting in pews dry and bored with the bland portions of religiousness doused down by stale Diet Coke religion year after year.

Once exciting churches have now shut down across this nation like tumble weed, blowing frivolously from one corner to another until eventual distinction.People just want to hear a “Prophetic Word” with accuracy and detail to the hearer. We need to release it generously, without delay. Integration into a loving church is the next step.

Fire and Rain are other Signs of Holy Spirit Presence. Revival Fire fall throughout this land! Prophetic fire fall grow all over Australia our closest neighbour and the Pacific Rim, our warm cousins, then all over the Globe.

Modern life has witnessed a phenomenon where there is a covert diminishing voice, the voice of true Prophets and Prophetesses. The spiritual landscape in this nation has to change dramatically.

>Not too many homegrown, true prophetic voices are heard from and in New Zealand. There are extremely talented teacher’s of the Prophetic. They never overtly advertise their “greatness or popularity.” Someone being popular, does not mean they are a Prophet of a Prophetess.

>A Teacher and a Prophet is the best combination.

>A small number of True Prophet’s and Prophetesses are active in New Zealand. Why don’t we form a New Zealand Prophetic Guild?For Maori, non-Maori Prophets or Prophetesses.

>As a matter of principle let us also mentor local Prophetic Kiwi hopefuls in their early 20’s, 30’s and 40’s from all ethnicities to develop in their Prophetic Calling.

>The Holy Spirit has no racial, skin colour or age criteria. Ethnicity is not a barrier to prophetic interest.

>A Prophet or a Prophetess is not welcome in their own country, village, town, city. Expect to travel to another nation to expand and develop the Gift. Oh, remember you need to be sent first, with something to say form Heaven’s Realm.

>New Zealanders need to resist paying high fees and plane flights for foreign Prophets and Prophetesses to come to our shores. Resist the temptation. New Zealand has provision for prophetic word and insights right here an don these soils. Australia and New Zealand protect your borders.

Can anyone deliver a Prophecy?

Of course. Be careful of outright liars and charlatans. They lie to the Holy Spirit and harm the needy. Leave them to God. Life is too precious to waste time or fellowship with people who fool no-one else but themselves. You can taste a false Word. The delivery is harsh in nature, aggressive, unsupportive, puffed up toward the speaker, and exudes flatness. It is usually generalised, basic in format, super spiritual and not personalised. mainly, it is not for the person it is given to.

The Book of Jeremiah discusses lying from the mouth of those who say God “said” when He clearly, did not say. Be hopeful Reader. New Zealand has a small number of genuine, reliable,  godly Prophets and Prophetesses. Feel free to enquire or check a list provided  in this Website.

True Prophets and True Prophetesses set the moral fibre of a nation. They are the true Generals of the Army of God. A True Prophet or True Prophetess never readily seeks remuneration for a gift so powerful. There have been exemplary prophetic voices who have impacted this nation that are known by Heaven on Earth (Prophetic).

List of True Prophets and Prophetesses

To name a few. Prophet Shane Bolz, American Prophet Kim Clements, Apostle Prophet Kris Vollaten, Prophet Elijah Fingila, Prophetess Stacey Campbell, Apostle Prophet Chuck Pierce, Revivalists David Hogan and Heidi Baker, Sth African Len Butner, Prophetic Teacher, Kiwi’s Rodney Francis, Prophetess Lynley Allen, Prophetess Trysh Bussell, Visionary Teacher Ian Johnson, Prophet David Peters, Prophet Claude and June Warner, Prophetess Julie Cherry and Warren Cherry, Senior Prophet Brent Douglas, Prophet Friday Fuliwai, Prophet Peter Kumar, Prophet Graham Cook, Prophetess Roslyn Johnson, Prophet Paul Prentice, Prophet David Hunt, Bishop Brian Tamaki, Prophet Don Lake, Prophetess Wai Leatherby, Prophetess Faith-Joy Aaron, Prophetess Mel Browne, Prophetess Christina, the late Prophetess Grace Winther. Close and much respected personal Prophet friend Wayne Thomas.

Last but not least, my precious humble father, a prophet.

True Prophetic do not tickle the ear, or to flatter, but rather, encourage, exhort, admonish, correct, to warn the listener from evil and to do good. A judging and harsh prophetic word with no love should have warning bells ringing. Kiwis are attracted to the authentic and have discerned uniqueness.

Prophets or Prophetesses should never be judged by how many follow them, but by what Spirit the Prophet or Prophetess follows.

Elements Required on the Prophetic Journey

There are 21 elements  to a prophetic journey. You may be surprised to learn what they are as there are few teachings explaining these elements.

The Spirit of God; the Spirit of the Lord; the Spirit of the Father; the Spirit of Wsdom and Understanding; the Spirit of Judgment; the Spirit of Burning; the Spirit of Counsel and Might; the Spirit of Knowledge; the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord; the Spirit of Grace; the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Jesus Christ; the Spirit of Adoption; the Spirit of Meekness; the Spirit of Liberty; the Spirit of Glory; the Spirit of Salvation and Redemption and the Spirit of Prophecy.

There is only One Spirit of which all are encompassed and that is, the Holy Spirit. The life path of the prophetic individual continually moves away from “the soul and carnal realm” to a deeply spiritual realm that embraces, and pursues greater holiness.

Is there Costs in the Prophetic Realm? 

Persecution, trials and tribulation are milestones by which one journeys in order to accomplish these elements. The cost is high in the pursuit of purification and prophetic use. Everyone desiring to function in the Gift of Prophecy should sit down first and ask ourselves “Can I pay the cost of being unspotted morally?” We are implored from Scriptures to “weigh the costs” when accepting Jesus Christ as personal Saviour. It is an unsaid criteria before embarking on the journey of the prophetic.

The life of a Prophet or Prophetess is one that requires daily sacrifices the ordinary individual would shudder with disbelief if they heard of the sacrifices one endures. Friends dwindle. Slander, criticism and isolation are common-place attacks on a prophetic servant (male or female) whether from the ignorant or so-called in genuine friends or family.

Isolation is an inevitable state of being. As is loneliness. His Word, His Spirit. Walk in the Spirit, live in the Spirit. God knows people get weird, and people have things to hide, moreso in the spiritual realm, where unethical, immoral, bizarre and the dark exist. Literally.

Arch rival Spirit of Jezebel (male or female) is an unrelenting opponent of Prophets and Prophetesses. Root vices of Jezebel are jealousy, bitterness, stubbornness, sexual immorality, divisiveness, hatred of godliness and power lust. Significantly, hours isolated from others, just you and Him, in true intimacy and silence, is a cost unmeasured. The enemy is no respector of persons.

The enemy seeks to destroy a potential vessel that hears straight from the Throne of Grace hoping sex, lust and power of money will distract a prospective Prophet or Prophetess’s gaze. A Prophetic calling is not for the faint-hearted.

Acts 1 v 2 King James Version (KJV)

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  

Spiritual Background (Heaven)

According to the Word, we as Believer’s are Descendant’s of Abraham, the Father of Faith. Father Abraham was blessed by God the Father. Father Abraham had faith in God the Father. Therefore, promises given to Father Abraham, and to those who believe in God the Father, without doubting Him, and to those who live right before Him, are Father Abraham’s Seed. It is they, who are destined to be blessed, even as he was. Father Abraham “searched for a city not made with hands.” A Heavenly so-journer. He was in every sense a prophetic and a faith-led spiritual being, looking always to God the Father, not distracted by earthly circumstances. Heaven On Earth (Prophetic) are a family of believers on their own heavenly hikoi (journey) in this the 21st Century. We should search. It is in unified song and prayer that an anointing (a spiritual enabling) is activated. The best time to prophesy. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) are fully acquainted to resting in the presence and grace of the anointing of God.

Galatians 3 v 29 KJV

“And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the Promise.”

Natural Background (Earth)

Am Founder and Leader of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Auckland, New Zealand (Aoteoroa, Land of the Long White Cloud) and have the benefit of close, supportive friends and a loyal Ministry family locally, throughout the nation and overseas.

Born in Rotorua.

Am Indigenous Maori from tribes, Ngapuhi, Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngati Porou, Te Arawa and Tainui.

Decades of living in a mono-culturalism in a church systems that did not readily cater for or respect the uniqueness of being Maori was disturbing to say the least. This attitude has had a negative impact on the well-being of generations of Maori children from every tribal faction.hence, the proud cultural affiliation with original Maori roots. It is still happening.

Since Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) began in 2010, there has been a healthy growth and acceptance of Maori men and women ministries in apostolic prophetic release. It is an observation that Maori are released nation-wide to participate equally in Prophetic Conferences and events without the risk of being denied the freedom to express their Christianity.

More profound, Maori female can safely lead Ministry groups and teams nationally and overseas without formalised and religious rules and restrictions. Apostolic prophetic breakthrough is allowing Maori and non-Maori to flow together.

With the rise of Maori prophetic ministries and other ministries, there is a caution that neither compete against each other but rather keep the faith and serve one-another. much emphasis must be made regarding, humility, servitude and love one for another.

Maori are accustomed to inter-tribal rivalry, however, in the spirit born again Maori should refrain from letting tinges of jealousy and covetousness rise. Guard one’s heart is all that can be said. Jezebel would seek to divide and destroy Maori and non-Maori ministries as separatist entities.

Maori Prophetic Ministries unleashed are: Heaven on Earth (Prophetic); Pacific Pearls Prophetic for Women; Ignite Prophetic; Tuhonohono Israel; Korowai Aotearoa;  Ahika Prophetic; ICIMCC; Hui International, TU Tanagata, Legacy, Man Up from Destiny Church, Manukau, The Warriors by Norm McLeod, Owen Pomana, Kaiwaka Fellowship.

The Modern Day Outcome of Early Settlers Efforts.

The Wind of Change is coming for First Nation People’s all around the world. The first Christian Missionaries to this Nation prior to 1840’s, will be singing jubilantly in Heaven to see the “Seeds of Harvest” are gathering momentum. Four generations later, Maori and Pakeha (White-man) Christian traditional churches are embracing diversity in the global wave of  evangelical growth and Kingdom Mindset.

Have traveled extensively on overseas missions in Malaysia, China, Mongolia, America, Samoa, Fiji and Australia. The “Calling” on my life lay dormant for years due to indecision, scepticism and adverse religious views. My conversion is truly, a personal feat and a prophetic miracle.

Author’s Declaration that Salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit are Fundamental

Our natural heritage, vocational career, marital status, absence of education, gender, functional or dysfunctional family history, prior life experiences, failures and triumphs, personal conversion and God given ordained “Gifting’s” are relevant to where and what audience we are “called” to minister. Grace abounds. Nothing is wasted, no matter how, good and modest, despairing and dark, for the Kingdom of God is not only in Word, but in Power. God our Father, desires that “none will perish.” Simple yet profound. Every believer fits a specific mission field. We are match-made by Him. Many have started their “Road to Damascus conversion” from a market-place Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) visit, whether they are fully aware of this or not.

Undeniably, Jesus Christ the Son of God, died a gruesome death, to take on our awfulness and iniquities. He paid full price, to become the bridge to allow us to enter into an Eternal Life with God, His Father. Jesus Christ Blood cleanses us from that which separated us from His Father, that being sin. Father God becomes Our Father, mine and yours. Receiving the Holy Spirit quickly after Salvation is vital to hearing the voice of God.

The authoritative voice of God speaks through Prophets and Prophetesses. Salvation, healing and deliverance is a given when the Prophet, the Teacher, the Pastor, the Evangelist and Apostle speaks. The last act to conclude this journey, is Water Baptism. The Resurrection Power of Jesus Blood is a strong anthem to speak aloud daily and the Enemy scatters when the anthem is shouted aloud, with strong conviction. Repentance for our wrongdoing and Water baptism are fundamental milestones to help grow a victorious and mature christian life.

Maori and Non-Maori Advancing and Living Together

Prophetically I decree, Indigenous Māori, non-Maori and diverse people’s living in Aotearoa will live in this nation together as one, assured that we as one nation can overcome the limitations placed on us in this nation.

New Zealand, co-operatively reap the full benefits of God’s Promises to Father Abraham’s seed as one. Forgiveness and repentance are key elements. Aotearoa New Zealand is a Forerunner Nation for dynamic advancement, spiritually, economically, governmentally and spiritually.

The Contra-Proferentum Principle? What is it? Honour the Culture of Honour. Aotearoa New Zealand is the only nation in the world that signed a Treaty or a partnership agreement. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 between the Indigenous Māori and Crown, the government representative. There is great need for trust between cultures and strive to embrace the cultural aspects of differences and mistrust before our nation can move ahead. The Contra-Proferentum principle states “if a Treaty has an element of ambiguity it is the responsibility of the Government of the day that they should grant full credence to the Indigenous people.” In this case Maori. There is scope and need for the Treaty of Waiting to be honoured.

So New Zealand, we poise, waiting with baited breath as to what government ruling party will honour this auspicious principle.

There can only be one “spirit” and that is the Holy Spirit. Early European Settlers pre-1800’s, christianised under Constantinople ideologies to influence local First Nations People’s, commonly known as “natives” or Maori or “tangata whenua” (People of the Land). The name Ma-o-ri in Hebrew means “Light.”Father God’s desire is one of unity, health, blessing and peace. May Maori and non-Maori meet the Father on earth worshipping and praising God together in unison.

Maori Called to Serve God with all their Heart “Nga Hau e Wha” 

Maintenance of traditional Māori spirituality against the growing conversion of Māori to evangelical Pentecostalism in the 1950’s has never seen the latter, repeated in great numerical form. Less Māori attend churches today and remain faithful rather, they pursue their own cultural spirituality or wairuatanga. Ringatu and Ratana Movements, the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church or the highly respected Kingitanga Dynasty.

Will Māori alongside non-Māori embrace a fresh move toward God our Father in these last days? The Harvest is truly ripe and fields white to harvest. Maori long to be acknowledged and used in church government, to have greater responsibility and leadership in congregational and traditional churches.


Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) – Graceway Church, Hamilton East (2010)

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) become of interest to out-of-Auckland churches. An invitation by a Senior Leader (A. Davidson) and the Leaders in Graceway Church to attend a Prophetic Day was accepted by Heaven on Earth (Prophetic). Graceway is an amazing Hamilton East Church where the focus was mainly on missions, helping the intellectually handicapped children and challenging adults. A packed crowd congregated and filled the night meeting. Standing room only. The key word was “Expectation.” The audience was encouraged to grow their state of expectation for faith and for a Word from the Lord. Whatsoever you ask in My Name, that I will do that the Father be glorified through the Son. It was a challenge for me to  stand up straight as the anointing was very strong. Prophet Elijah carried on the service after an initial time of ministry with myself. The Presence and majestic heavy anointing of God fell. Prophecy flood. People responded. Their faith joining with the Ministry Teams faith, yielded good rewards. All Glory is His.

On 26-27 September 2016 – Awakening the Destiny of a Nation/Chuck Pierce  USA Glory of Zion/House of Zion (Waipuna, Auckland)

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) participate in a unique apostolic prophetic visit by a well-known American apostle.. A traditional Powhiri was given to Apostle/Prophet Chuck Pierce as he arrived in Auckland International Airport. Warriors from Tainui tribe in Manukau dressed in traditional costumes, along with Ngati-Whatua Maori women who gave the special “karanga” (wailing cry). See YouTube link. We traveled to Orakei Marae, overlooking Mission Bay, Auckland.  

Ngati-Whatua tribal leaders and whoa (precious women) performed a traditional Powhiri for Apostle Prophet Chuck Pierce. It was told by a Senior Kaumatua (old man) that years ago “the Maori people of Orakei Marae saw a vision of a White Eagle who denoted a white haired man.”He will speak prophetic utterance to the Indigenous people of Aoteoroa. This white haired man would bring a sign to a release the prophetic over Maori. Apostle-Prophet Chuck Pierce is that man.

A traditional hangi (meal), waiata (song) and kanikani (dance) followed.

Chuck Pierce gave Apostolic Prophetic Mantles to Malcolm, Tatou, Henie and myself. Maori and non-Maori and reciprocated with Greenstone “taonga”(precious gift) to Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion Ministry team. Kingdom focus was a hallmark of this gathering. Chuck Pierce released a strong Prophetic word saying God “will raise up Maori to release them into a place of encouragement and influence and respect. God will do it. Music will resonate from the inside of prison walls around New Zealand.” A video of the entire weekend was taken but not approved for public release.

Sang new song “Shalom Shalom” composed and recorded and engineered in Stebbings Studio, Ponsonby, Auckland (NZ). Apostle-Prophet Chuck Pierce invited the Leader to Texas, Denton USA. All Glory is His.  

Regional and National Maori Christian Hui (ICMIC)

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) were invited to Welcome Bay (Tauranga) and Waharoa (near Hauraki Plains) to participate in Maori Hui. Led by Kaumatua, Apostolic Tatou Rameka (Tauranga) and Team. They have held many Hui throughout Aotearoa, from one Coast to the other. Maori founded on the Apostolic principles and borne from Pentecostal Movement which swept this Nation in early 60’s through to the late 80’s, gather at ICMIC Hui. All Glory is His.

On 8 & 9 October 2016 – A Northland Event called “Te Aroha Hui” was held at Te Puna o te Matauranga Marae, NorthTech, Whangarei 

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) hosted and sponsored a hui called Te Aloha Hui in Whangarei.

Guest Speaker and our adopted brother, African Prophet Elijah Mpanswa of Auckland, the Redeemed Rider’s, Tawhiri L, Mary D, Brad H, Chief Charles, Monzi, Marei C, Doug Barnes were all  invited speakers. New connection with Brad and Tawhiri were suggested by Helen H. NBCC. Prior to meeting these men, had connections with NBCC. Profound encounters with NBCC.

HUI International sponsored by Doug Barners was divinely launched at this gathering.

All speakers spoke like “warriors with sharp taiaha” and with love and of visions that encourage Maori who attended to rise up and lead the people form their respective communities.

A Powhiri opened the Hui with Mana Whenua and local Maori kaumatua and kuia(of Whangarei). The cooks (ringa-wera) provided us with delicious meals. Special thanks to my Harris Whanau who cooked and served us. Prophetic Worship team led by Pastor Helen and Neil Herbert (Te Arawa) of New Beginnings Community Church (Kaeo).

Links to NBCC were established through Toni P. (Ngapuhi), Cable Bay.

Strong spiritual contention was present, however it was evident who the source was. “Te Aroha Hui” (Gathering of Love) was a successful resounding response to a Prophetic Word released by Chuck Pierce, Apostle Prophet at “Awakening the Destiny of a Nation” (2016). Special acknowledgement is given to an Auckland source that provided 100% finance to make this a debt-free gathering happen.

On 22 & 23 October 2016 – A Prophetic Encounter at Kaiwaka Revival Church, Kaiwaka 

A resident and regular prophetic voice in Heaven on Earth (Prophetic), Prophet Elijah Mpanswa was invited to speak at Kaiak Revival Church, Kaiak. Prophet Elijah resides in Auckland, New Zealand originally from the Congo, Africa. He spoke powerfully about Prophet Ezekiel, when he spoke to the “Valley of Dry Bones” to awaken them and to “rise up and come together” as a mighty army. The broken bones, like corn, he “saw had ears.”

Prophet Elijah experienced a very alive traditional Maori Powhiri and Haka. He admits to being – scared !

The Church celebrated Feasts of Tabernacles, a Jewish season of “succot.” Many attended and squeezed into the small historic church hall to hear what Prophet Elijah had to share. The Prophet succinctly said “May I decrease so He can increase.” A heavy presence of the anointing and Power of God fell.  A true inspiration.

On 9 November 2016 (GMT) – A New President America won his place in American History as President

Donald John Trump became President Elect. This historic event impacts the Globe including Aotearoa, New Zealand and the Nation of Israel’s, First Nation’s People, the Jewish people. Donald John Trump is now President of the United States. Heaven on Earth(Prophetic) Ministry support the Apple of God’s Eye, the Nation of Israel.

On 19 & 20 November 2016 – A Prophetic Event “Te Hau Kaha Hui – The Strong Wind Gathering( Far North)

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) sponsored another hui, in a hot-spot for the First Trading Stations in the Far North, and where contact with British Missionaries and Native Maori and Chiefs took place.

 Prophetic activated dormant prophetic Word and promises of Ancient Doors to fling wide open. Prophet Elijah, local speakers, musicians and guests combined to minister over the two days. Kingdom focus with His Love was the main motivation for organising “Te Hau Kaha Hui.”

Maori and non-Maori congregated in the local Russell Hall near the waterfront. Not all were keen on supporting Israel or Maori awakening. Old attitudes, mixed with attitudes of racial contention were sadly alive and well.

Over 1500 Maori live in Russell community a relatively peaceful place. A yacht called “West Wind”sailed pass the venue. Did it blow hard? Nancy was our amazing island hostess.

A Special thanks for the financial gift an Auckland sister provided that made this event debt-free.

On 16 -28 January 2017, Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) was an invited guest to Melbourne. An incredible opportunity to explore what “Well of Life” was in Boronia,Melbourne. It is a drinking hole. Presence International Church, Melbourne led by Pastor Stewart and Sonja Bell invited Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) asked me to song-lead and minister to the church on a second visit.

Host Kiwi, Marie support musician. Release of Prophetic was worthwhile when releasing new ministry when transitioning to another place. The service was beautiful followed by strong prophetic ministry. 

On 6 February 2017, Treaty of Waitangi Celebrations was held at Te Tii Marae, Waitangi Grounds. This Year’s Celebrations marks 100 years of combined unilateral efforts of Indigenous, Australian and New Zealand military might. The birthing of two Maori Political Parties merging are probable. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry participated without reservation in this prestigious event. 

On March 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) were invited to minister to a group of Australians at a couple’s large home on a Saturday meeting. Packed and invigorating. Music provided by Maistries daughter. Released prophetic encouragement to all. Power of God very present and uplifting. 

On 8 April 2017 – Jane Troughton organiser of a National Event called Bless Israel (Auckland, NZ) approached Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) to assist with organising Intercessory Prayer Meetings held  in different suburbs in Auckland. A special meeting took place at “The White House” in Takapuna, North Shore. Thanks to Julius and a Maori sister for organising this venue. Heaven on Earth(Prophetic) Ministry introduced Jane to Messianic leader, Jakov Brown of Beth Melech. He released an Aaranic Blessing to those present. Thanks to Maori sister, Marama for introducing Jakov Brown to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry.

Historian and public speaker, Ian Johnson (Pokeno, South Auckland) was an inspiring overview if the ANZAC event. An anointed violinist treated us to Messianic historical and musical authenticity.

An assortment of well presented food and refreshments were provided by well-travelled Jewish/Swedish friend Mel who returned from Israel weeks earlier. Heaven on Earth(Prophetic) Ministry introduced the organiser to Mel due to her not knowing anyone living in Israel.

Blowing of Shofars at 7.00 am sharp by 130 christians in the North and South Island was organised by Faith-Joy from Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) and Team. Joining with Ned Leith (Whangarei) made it fun. He blew the shophar for Northern Maori at Mt Parakai, Memorial Hill, Whangarei. North Wind Blow! The sound of the North is blowing stronger and more sure as this Season, the Sword, marches on. 

On 16-17 June 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) organised a  Road Trip called “Matenga Me Te Kore Te Hiku” from Auckland to Kaitaia and Ahipara Beach. A family of three Samoans from King of Kings Church, Manukau and a Mangere brother, Graeme, made this journey an exciting and invigorating experience. We all travelled to link with local people, Maori and non-Maori, moreso the Land and people. Kaitaia is disgustingly run down. We lit a spiritual match of prophetic activation into the atmosphere. A strategy precursor trip was the purpose. Attended Kaitaia CF. Word was imploring us to ensure we are getting a clear radio signal to tune into God. Blow North Wind Blow! We will be back.

The Sound from the North (Taitokerau) is a cry from Ancient of Days, from the Land and the People. Kaitaia is the most northern city of Aoteoaroa, New Zealand where high numbers of Maori live. Ngapuhi are the largest Maori Tribe in New Zealand, Aoteoroa, the most fiercest of tribes. The Father’s Voice is saying…”(Maori) you are the Head and not the Tail.” Stand up on your feet, not your head.” Kaitaia CBD and commercial sector is derelict, a city parched, in great need of a downpour of blessing on high. Apart from the Warehouse, Pak ‘n Save and a few businesses (Te Ahu), the state of this once thriving city, is less than acceptable. Cry Prophets, Cry Seers, Cry Singers and Worship Musicians….build again where the enemy has stripped hope and dreams for generations of Maori to come. Speak Prophets, speak the dead thing to life again.

(He Maori) “A ka meinga koe e Ihowa hei upoko, e kore e waiho hei hiku, ki runga anake koe, a kahore ki raro; ki te whakarongo koe ki nga whakahau aIhowa, a tou Atua, e whakahau atu nei i tenei ra ki a koe, a ka puritia e koe, ka mahia.”

(Israel) “and the Lord will make you the head and not the tail and you shall only go up and not down, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you today, being careful to do them.” Deutoronomy 28:13 (NKIV).

On 25-27 August 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) set off on an second Northland Prophetic Evangelical hook  An Evangelical Prophetic Event called “Matenga Me Te Kore Te Hiku” was held in Kaitaia on Saturday, 26 August 2017. There was an open air campaign of singing and proclamation at Kaitaia Market. Almost 80% of people were invited to hear the Prophetic Word of God at Orana Conference Room, later that day. The opportunity to change a lifestyle from poverty, homelessness to blessing was shared based on Deuteronomy 28 verse 13. Local Maori Taitokerau artist, displayed her wares at the prophetic meeting, a personal testimony and powerful song and prophetic worship impacted the rest of the afternoon meeting.

A Decree and Proclamation to be the ‘Head and not the Tail” was spoken aloud from inside the hotel conference room, on the streets. Cornerstone Church Pastor Loui invited me to speak Sunday morning.

Prophetic Art, prophetic dance, prophetic proclamation and prophetic release was central to the Kaitaia trip. Thank you to the Kapai Team, Graeme, Kathy, FaithJoy, Tere, John, Tapere. Kaitaia is on Fire for Jesus. Special thanks to one of travellers who contributed a financial gift to make this a debt-free journey.

Blow North Wind Blow.

The following week NZ had the National Government Elections. God blessed the Northland. Change of government from National Party to the Labour Party, fulfilling the flipping of the head and tail, top and bottom. 

On 15-19 September 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) supported a Prophetic trip to Boronia, Melbourne to enjoy time with Presence International Prophetic Fire Ministries led by Pastor Stewart and Sonya Bell just before a trip to Israel.

Attended a Prophetic breakfast and ministered at the home of Christene and Ravi Maistry in Caroline Springs. Heaven on Earth(Prophetic) provided the prophetic ministry. Followed by a kiwi hangi at the Bell’s home. The main emphasis of the trip was to activate the gifting given by prophetic utterance for change to effectively happen. PIPFM are in transition, from conservative Church meetings to House ministry for prophetic to grow. 

14-17 June 2018 Christene and Ravi Maistry, Encounter Home Group Church (Melbourne) requested my attendance at a Prophetic Conference called “Touching Heaven Changing Earth.” Three different Posters circulated on Social Media advertising the Conference as “Prophetic.”  

Initially was honoured to Lead the Prophetic Ministry and Presbytry team (as have been a guest to their residence for prophetic gatherings in the recent past). The host and other African speakers delivered a teaching seminar on”Faith.” Pastor Caesar is an amazing and honourable Leader of Bethel. New Zealand must hear him. Sadly, we never met Encounter Pastor Emmanuel due to his sickness. Many people waited four long days, for the Word. Thankful this happened. Their hunger showed their commitment to hearing form God. Prophetic flowed in Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) line. All Glory is His. A Lesson is inscribed in my heart. Listen to the Holy Spirit, if something is not right, it is not right to God. Prophecy is for free, for the poor, weak, old, the young and retired.

(Faith-Joy Aaron released a Prophetic Word for Australia at this Conference on the 15 June 2018 and preached on the Cloud of God on the Land of Australia).

A Copy of that “Word” is on this Website (see the Service Section). Faith-Joy Aaron, Pstr/Prophetess Julie and Warren Cherry from Brisbane assisted. Apologies from Peter B. and Jenny J. as they were coming and could not make it. 

Heaven and Earth Witness Wave of Restoration in Israel 

Christian gatherings are calling the prodigals back and the prayers of the forefathers are breathed upon. No pretence, no super-natural event, just God’s timing. Let us be forever mindful that the struggles of Indigenous Maori are also the shared struggles of our Indigenous brothers and sisters globally. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) support the Jewish Nation of Israel, God’s Chosen. Look with sympathy to the Indigenous Indians of North Dakota (Standing Rock) and their grievances to prevent  corporate destruction of their land, water and wild-life.We join in prayers with African Americans who grieve the loss of their loved ones in controversial circumstances of late, and the Indigenous communities in West Papua New Guinea who are still seeking liberation and justice.

Kingdom Influence Focus for Aotearoa, New Zealand 

Gifted Prophetic Leader’s over the decades for both Maori and non-Maori have long sounded messages of “good-will and peace to all men.

” Today is a good day to harvest what has been spoken in the past. With a nation of less than 44.7% as Christians, and a nation once tipped as the most christian. Visiting Prophets have touted that New Zealand is a proto-type forerunner nation in the spiritual, economic, political and scientific areas. Surprisingly, Māori are the 3rd fastest growing entrepreneurial people’s group of the world. Let us watch to witness how these predictions will play out over the next few years, and decades.

Kingdom Influence Focus for Israel, the Chosen People of Middle-East and Aoteoroa, New Zealand 

Incidentally, Israel is the most advanced, scientific nation of the world and has the most powerful army. Unity begats blessing. The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world, and then the end will come.

Aotearoa, New Zealand has been voted Number One preferred destination to visit and live in 2016 by United Nations and tourist surveys. its one of five best detonations in 2017. Concealed however, are social problems of rising homeless figures; over 50% incarceration rated of Maori in New Zealand prisons; Auckland has the highest mortgages in the developed world where the average mortgage is at least three times the salary of an average income earner. Increasing poverty, high unemployment, high imprisonment; high crime rates is synonymous to low decide areas and low income earners.

May the Prophetic Language be the “third language” to advance the Kingdom and decree governmental realms and decrees. New wine skins need new wine in them. Time to change the wine for stale old vinegary wine, for fresh, sweet, full flavored wine. Old structures and old wineskin need to go. Old structures and old wineskins are out.

Nau Mai, Haere Mai

Shalom, Shalom.

(Disclaimer: As Author, references made throughout the Website, or any information, that is a recollection at any meeting or Mission trip, by Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry, Auckland, New Zealand are written with every effort to convey accuracy –  The Leader J. A. Jurisich).

Taringa Whakarongo -Titiro mai (Listen and Look)

A Revelation to me, as spoken by Paul the Apostle, was that, he encouraged Early Church believer’s “desire the Gift of Prophesy above all Gifts.” Subsequent to the Okahu Bay event, I received an “open vision”one ordinary weekend during a visit to a local Greenlane Restaurant in Auckland. I was drawn into the Events Room. There I “saw” the room continuously filled with powerful sounds of prophetic words, songs and a hungry people.” In response to Prophetic words spoken over me by several Prophet’s and Prophetesses, I booked this room then, and over the ensuing years. To this day, Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) continue to meet. My challenge to Readers, is this. If you have an inner prompting to do something and are uncertain, or afraid, be courageous and take a small or a big leap of faith by obeying that prompting. The prompting inside your heart is God’s voice. The fruit is, the evidence seen. If it grows, if it draws (and not scatters), then it is authentic.

1 Corinthians 2:9 New King James Version (NKJV)

But as it is written:

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”