Prophetic Endorsements for Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry Prophetic Words were released prior to the formation of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry by anointed well-known, prophetic men and women.

[Prophetic Word is activated in faith-fuelled gatherings of believers].

A Revelation Ignites A Prophetic Ministry It is both biblical and fundamental to receive a revelatory vision, precursory factors that establish any new ministry. Prior to the launch of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry four generous endorsements were given.

Intercessors Crucial Spiritual Role Intercessors have been the backbone and crucial backbone for Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry’s unique existence and growth.

Spiritual investments pay off despite long hours travelling to and from  major events.  Intercessors and encouraging prophecies for Heaven and Earth (Prophetic) Ministry  remain the backbone of this New Zealand ministry’s.

Fruit is important. Jesus Christ said “(Matthew 7:15-20 KJV : You shall know them by their fruit. Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt bring forth good fruit.”

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Living a lie, as a teacher, prophet, evangelist, an apostle and a pastor by owning the title only and not dying to the flesh. Instead the false prophet enjoys living a life of greed, lust for money and  immoral acts. There is absence of godly love.

Selected, faithful individuals who form the Leadership Advisory Team for Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry have received powerful, personal Prophetic Words themselves.

Everyone of these individuals have attained positive growth and benefits in their own lives since they first visited.

Amos 3 v 7 KJV Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secrets unto His servants the Prophets.

Prophetic Teacher, Len Butner, Eagle Ascend  (2009)..”a unique prophetic phenomenon will be formed under your leadership, travelling in New Zealand and overseas, bearing much, much fruit. People will talk about the unique movement you will lead. Some will journey with you for a long time. You will travel everywhere. It is of God. (Spoken from Point Chevalier Baptist Church, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

Prophet Wayne Thomas, Elevate Church ex-Hells Angel President (now in Heaven) confirmed the same (2008, 2009). He saw …”a huge tree with fruit, increasing in-and-out of season. Coming and going, coming and going. Fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit will be seen. You have a strong drawing anointing given by God.” (Spoken from Point Chevalier Baptist Church, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

Local Prophetic, Resident Prophet /Teacher from Horizon Church, Ian Johnson public endorsement (in 2010)  He said “my authority as a Prophetic Leader.” He saw a mantle of God’s authority on me as a prophetic leader. (Spoken from Horizon Church, Ellerslie, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

Prophetess and Revivalist, Heidi Baker,  Iris Ministries, Mozambique affirmed words (2011) at Liberty Church, Blockhouse Bay (Ak NZ). She called me to the front of the Hall. God told her…”the purpose of your life is to carry God’s Glory, to carry the very nature and Glory of God.” Roland Baker was present.(Spoken from Liberty Church, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

International Apostle and Prophet, Chuck Pierce, Denton, Texas released an Apostolic Prophetic Mantle on me (November 2015) at Waipuna Conference, (Ak NZ). He said, a General in the Army you are. The mantle enables the release the Kingdom of God among Maori and other diverse people’s group.”

A Jewish  shawl was gifted from Glory of Zion, Denton, Texas USA. (Spoken from Waipuna Conference Venue, Mt Wellington, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

Prophets Jason Westerfield (2007), formerly Kingdom Reality, USA; Prophet Peter Kumar(20o8), Forerunners Inc.(NZ & USA) Prophet Elijah Fingilei (2008) Papakura, (Ak, NZ) have released multiple Words of exhortation. 

Pastor Trysh Bussel (Hamilton NZ) 2012 Called out a name. Who is she come forward? A governmental woman.” She saw a knight like Sword, like Elijah in the left hand and a Staff like Rod in the right arm as with Moses. Saw huge powerful governmental mantle descend. (Spoken from Liberty Church, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

Prophetess Angela Grenig (USA) 2014  Said “there’s a huge battle over you. You have a great deal of wealth. Enemy assignment on you. God will help.” (From VCC Church, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

Prophetess Stacey Campbell (Canada) 2014 Released significant words of exhortation.(Spoken from Horizon Church, Auckland). All Glory is God’s.

Prophet David and Marie Hunt (Mandurah, Perth), originally from Opunake, Taranaki, NZ (Ak, NZ) are original “parent prophet mentors”prophetic exhorter and mentor(1978+). Have a brilliant brain. Gifted from God. 

 Habbakuk 2 v 2 KVJ “Write the vision and make it plain upon tables that he may run that readeth it.”  Let other’s know what is revealed to you by God.