Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry Focus

Aotearoa, New Zealand is truly a “slice of heaven on earth” Remember, if anything unique is going to happen globally, it will potentially happen first in Aotearoa, New Zealand. This nation has an integral role to play on the world stage, whether it be in sport, new scientific inventions, social activism, multi-media entertainment, music, cultural progress, or a spiritual revival. As a hardy, pioneering nation, small in population and size, we are undeniably the envy of other nations, who suffer over-population, extreme poverty, ravaged by war and unspeakable inhumane atrocities within their borders. We “kiwis” prove we can match high international standards in every aspect of society. The Church community in this nation, although diverse, is just as formidable and rock solid in unity and focus., however there exists problems. Pure fundamental religion has different shades. Ask any God-fearing Prophet or Prophetess.

The most important questions I want to ask you reader are these:  Is your name in the Book of Life? Are you born again? Do you know Jesus Christ died and rose again, for you and I to live eternally?  Do you know that you will go to hell  if you are not saved through Jesus Christ? Do you know that God loves you and wants you to know His heart of unlimited love through His Son Jesus Christ.  It is time now for you to surrender to Jesus Christ. This is the day to change your direction before you die an earthly death without an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. We are all going to pass on and go to hell eternally or heaven eternally. It is the truth.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants the Prophets.”(Amos 3 verse 7).

Prophet’s and Prophetesses, blow loud, your trumpets. Ko nga poropiti o mua me whakatangi te tetere.

Prophet’s and Prophetesses ensure you release the perfect words to seed hope, restoration and revival to this precious nation, Aotearoa, New Zealand. Grab a Holy Bible. Read Ezekiel 14, Revelation 13-15; Psalms 46 & 126. Seek God’s face when you are most isolated, ignored, exiled, locked down, locked away, locked out and locked up. Whether you are a convicted criminal or an angel. It is time to act! This nation will never be the same again.

“The Blessing Song from Aotearoa, New Zealand” This song was recorded with the support of 90 churches nation wide, by Grant Norsworthy (August, 2020).  A heart-warming, beautifully arranged song, that every listener will enjoy.

Open Wide Your Eyes Aotearoa, New Zealand: It is your personal choice to seek a personal word, record, write down, and believe that, that word spoken by prophets and prophetesses over you. Proportionately prophecies should be encouraging, giving an element of hope to you the recipient, or church gathering. Trust a confirmed Word, see it become a reality.

The Founder of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry: I believe in Jesus Christ. He is my reality. My past, my background, ethnic origin, occupational status, intellectual level, failings or successes, material possessions, my bank balance, the car I drive, my cultural mix, my natural musical gifting’s and talents, do not define me. Neither should your strengths or weaknesses define you. Our core values define us. Nothing and no-one will change mine – it is grounded in Christianity. Reader, I am aware you could have different core beliefs. I do respect your views and where you are at today.

My name is Jeana Harris. I married into a Yugoslav Croatian Maori family (the Jurisich’s), to an Italian, Greek, English man. Am a direct descendant of Englishman Christopher Harris and Paramount Ngapuhi Chief, Rahiri. His daughter, who was betrothed by the English, Scottish man of the MacKenzie clan. My father was half-caste, a Prophet and Ngapuhi Chief. My mother’s also half-caste, a direct descendant from the Chief of Ngati Tuwharetoa and tribal affiliation to Te Arawa, Tuhoe, Tainui and Ngati Porou with German ancestry.

Both walked in both world’s White and Maori, they were Christian and spoke fluent Reo while challenged to maintain core tikanga Maori values. My father read his first book at aged 45 years, the Holy Bible, King James English Version. Courage such courage.

Reader, you will also have an interesting, natural and ethnic genealogy mix. We are who we are due to our parents genetic pool however as Christian, we inherit a global spiritual family (whanau). God chooses who He uses. The Kingdom of God is a heavenly mixture. The Christian family tree has a lengthy heritage backdating to Father Abraham – 144 generations in all. Far more richer, powerful and profound than our natural heritage.

Our natural family tree (or whakapapa) is what it is, however, when we become Christians, we are all “new creature(s)” (2 Corinthians 5 verse 17). Old things are past away, we are to be renewed in our mind and Christian identity daily. Our mind is where most problems exist. It is a battlefield. Be proud of who you are and where you have come from in the natural as God will use your humble diverse natural and spiritual experiences, to reach out to others like you or opposite to you, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ His Son, and His unlimited love toward you and others. Despise not the days of small beginnings (Zechariah 4 verse 10). God wastes nothing. Every precious thing about you was designed by Him. In Psalm 139 verse 15 you are created by Him. No evil thing can destroy you unless you allow this.

                     Prophetic Word “Total Eclipse of  the Heart” by Prophetess Faith-Joy Aaron


An insightful and timely prophetic word for all New Zealanders and the Christian community as we experience unprecedented challenges within our society in 2019 + due to a world-wide collapse of the economy of every nation on the face of the earth. I urge everyone who reads this site, to listen to what the Holy Spirit, showed Faith-Joy. She is a long standing member of this ministry and frequently prophesies with accuracy and an anointing. Turn your heart to God, Jesus Christ’s Father.

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Stir Up The Gift Within You

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry birthed in mid-October 2010 at Okahu Bay, Auckland, under a large Pohutakawa tree.

Since this date focus has been primarily about strengthening and stirring up the gift of prophesy within all who attend (2 Timothy 1 verse 6).  A number of local and national Christian ministries have been activated from this market-place ministry. All honor and Glory is to God. I acknowledge many loyal, regular attendees over the years who demonstrated what Paul the Apostle urged, and that is for every believer “to stir up the gift prophesy.”

E v e r y o n e can prophesy. It takes unbridled courage and faith, to step out and release the gift. In time, prophesy will become obselete.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry’s Focus: Aspires to create a loving meeting place of self-expression, joy and worship; a place where the lonely, sick, widows, strangers, friends and family can be nurtured, meet others for a few hours and share personal life experiences, short and sweet. Non-Christians are more than welcome. Read “The Mark of the Christian,” by F.A. Schaefer due to the urgency that non-Christians will perish in the Fires of Hell, if they deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Resist the “Mark of the Beast” – 666 which speaks of “false religion, false government, false bank system.” It is a coded individual number not seen by the naked eye. It will be offered to you. Read the Book of  Revelation 13, 14, 15, 16 in the Holy Bible and the late, Barry Smith’s writings (1970’s). May God speak to your heart to save your soul from Hell.

Hell is real. No one talks about this topic anymore. It is a destination after our natural death. Death, then judgment, then Heaven or Hell.

“For God did not spare even the angels who sinned. He threw them into hell; in gloomy pits of darkness, where they are being held until the day of judgment.” (2 Peter 2 verse 4).

God’s heart is forever toward the “enslaved, unsaved and lost.” We must as Christians, love each other in the faith, however we must love, non-believers more, as in 1 John verse 7,8. God does not want anyone to go to Hell. Loud and clear. Hell is not made, for humans. Least  of all – you or I. Are you hearing me?

Local Church Network and Connection is Healthy: This ministry does not substitute a local church, it compliments the local church community. It is a ministry to serve every individual that attends, whether for friendship, a hug, a prayer, a prophetic word, ministering in small and big ways, to provide and seek housing, to support during job loss or a WINZ application, support during family tragedies or trauma, and in many cases, support due to spiritual abuse. The journey has been challenging and rewarding in many ways, much more than we ever imagined or thought was possible. God’s love and presence grace’s this marketplace ministry. Persecution is never been far from the ministry and or me as leader. It is, what is is.

Simply put, every spiritual ministry is in vain, unless God lays the foundation, builds on it and prospers it (Psalm 127 verse 1).

The Marketplace Venue for Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry: Greenlane MacDonald’s NZ Headquarters, 320-356 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland (Phone 09-524-2651). Ray Croft Room. Entry and parking is  free. Fresh food is available, friendly service, clean ablution blocks, and spacious. Meetings are well attended.

Listen to New Zealand Maori entertainer, Sir Howard Morrison singing a well-known religious song “How Great Thou Art” (or in Maori “Whakaria Mai.”). God is truly omnipotent and omnipresent.

Revelatory Truths Come From Above – Heaven’s Throne: God’s powerful and precious gift – the Gift of Prophecy is the gift that launched Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry. South African Prophet, Len Butner released a special word of prophecy that catalytically “called” the ministry into existence. The (late) Auckland Prophet Wayne Thomas accurately prophesied growth and God’s favor. World renowned Apostolic Prophet Chuck Pierce, Texas USA, publicly endorsed a apostolic prophetic mantle. Revivalist, Heidi Baker released a specific word of assurance  at Liberty Church,  Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. Recently Prophet’s Bijoy and Jeremy accurately released words of providence and provision of the ministry and current vocation. God is to receive all glory and praise.

Prophecy is a gift that allows divine communication from God Almighty, to you through an intermediary prophetic individual. This website is to inform novices, the experienced in the prophetic, (the cynics, and others) to learn the keys of hearing God’s voice. A Prophet or Prophetess is known as a “Man Of God” or a “Woman of God” who speaks from the Office of a Prophet. God appoints and anoints these prophets’ through Apostles. What Prophet’s and Prophetesses say, carry much weight and authority, an undeniable and unquenchable office.

An unmatched anointing of authority is felt from a person of this Office. Jezebel (male or female) manipulating, power lust, controlling people fervently, dislike God’s Prophets.

Song – “You Say”American Lauren Daigle’s song “You Say”is about her inner struggle and despair, whenever God says something positive to her during dark times. She needs to believe Him.  A powerful melody and message folks.

The Holy Bible is the main source of reference for this ministry and is opened each time we meet. Did you know the Holy Bible remains the best-selling book of all time? It is recorded in the Guiness Book that 5 billion bibles were printed on 24 January 2020 – a Guiness Book of Records for the highest printed book.

Highly Recommended Reading Resources Obtain a copy of the following books, “Understanding Prophetic People” by R. Loren Sanford (endorsed by the late John Paul Jackson); “Approaching the Heart of Prophecy” by Graham Cook; the “Prophet’s Dictionary” by Paula A. Price (PhD). On evangelism read, revivalist “Finney’s Life and Lectures” by W.H. Harding; “The Biography of Smith’s Wigglesworth,” by Smith’s Wigglesworth and “Modern-Day Missionary” by Matthew Needham; The Jezebel Spirit, by Francis Frangipane (Unmasking the Enemies of the Church); The Many Faces of Deception by Florence Bulle. I highly recommend this last book. Knowledge and understanding in the area of deception will prevent heartache and tragedy. The dark spiritual side distracts God’s missions and purposes.

Prophetic people are described as eccentric, private, intimidating, anti-social (not sociopathic), serious, deeply sensitive, seekers of justice and righteousness. God’s love for His Prophet’s is unshakeable. He has hidden them over the years; from imminent danger or from certain death. Solitary, anointed and favored by God. He indeed, calls them to heaven when missions assigned on earth are fulfilled. A mystery of God’s heart.

A Life of Perseverance and Integrity Biblical stories depiction of early church prophets and prophetesses are gruesome and harsh. Remember Jezebel, the Queen of Judah and wife to submissive King Ahab, she ordered 400 of God’s prophets to be killed. Prophet Elijah hid in a cave after slaying Jezebel’s prophets depressed and frightened. She represents lust for power and pagan worship, denying the Sovereign God. She was destroyed by God’s servant. Nothing has changed as modern nation’s worldwide are ruled by tyrannical men and women. God allowed their election. God allows a lot of events we may think are not. Pray and trust His judgment.

The benefits for everyone who is searching for God’s divine guidance are to submit, listen and obey Him when He speaks to you, through this gift. His timing to help you is unfaltering, perfected in love. Jeremiah 29 verse 11 for your weary searching heart. 

A Marketplace Ministry Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry is also evangelically focused. I have taken groups of attendees  all over Aotearoa, New Zealand, Both in the North and South Island and to countries overseas. The ministry extends a friendly hand to the lost, destitute, loveless and desperate souls in the marketplace and also the many successful career people from other churches.  A balance of grace, mercy, love and the warm sense of family consistently drawn people.

Aotearoa, New Zealand sent the most missionaries around the globe, more than any other nation, to evangelize nations like India, China, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, the Pacific nations, Singapore. We were universally known as a Christian nation, it is not looking this way now sad to say. This trend has diminished somewhat due to depleting interest and growing capitalism, socialism, communistic views, the growing occult practices, and forging of dark forces.

A tribute is given now to (the late), Pastor David Brett, A/G Mission Bay Christian Centre, Auckland (2002-2006) who for two decades was dedicated to evangelizing China since the early 1980’s until his untimely death. He led teams to deliver Christian items to remote villages in Mainland China. Despite long hours and weeks away from home, he safely returned, only to plan his next adventure. He was a loyal soldier. Many Christians, including myself, had the privilege to accompany Pastor Brett to Beijing and Mainland China, the Great Wall of China and met Chinese leader Juan Lamb, the famously known underground church leader. Pastor Brett would rip a page out of his favorite book (or the Holy Bible) and a page to strangers to enjoy “a meal.” Pastor Brett led many, many souls to Jesus. A truly beautiful, kind hearted man, never to be forgotten. He married David Wilkerson’s secretary (“The Cross and the Switchblade”).

Evangelism Pleases God: Proverbs 11 verse 30 – The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he that winneth souls is wise. The hunger and desire to share the gospel on the coal-face by evangelising “the highways and by-ways” is of more urgency now more than ever before. We are on the edge of the End-Time. Pastor Brett’s evangelical influence on my life, impacted me so much so, that I combine Prophesy with Evangelism in my ministry model. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) ministry have been on several missions from Cape Reinga to the Bluff, Australia, Europe and the Pacific Islands. A Public Address (PA) system with cordless microphones and individual testimonies are given by the team. Basic scriptures Matthew 24 verse 14, John 3 verse 16, Romans 3 verse 23 speak of the Gospel message.

Proposed trips until 2023 are Waihi, Karangahake Gorge, Whitianga, Opotiki, Gisborne (East Coast), Rotorua, Kawerau, Taupo, New Plymouth,  South Taranaki, Wanganui, Queenstown, Invercargill and a return trip to Ahipara, Kaitaia, Russell (the Far North), Israel, Canada and Washington DC, USA. 13 are left to see.

Visitors are Warmly Welcome: Whether you are Christian or not, from another church, the doors to our gatherings are open to you. Since the first gathering, people have visited from all over Auckland, from other towns, cities and countries as far away as Australia, Tasmania, the Middle East, Papua New Guinea, Africa, the Pacific Islands, Afghanistan, Syria, South Africa, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Thailand, Finland, Northern Ireland and the United States of America.

All expenses for ministry trips are paid for by generous “koha” (gifted) donations. Those who travel also pay proportionately equal expenses depending on team numbers. The ministry has never had overheads as financial lending from agencies for ministry commitments are discouraged. No burdens are placed on hosts. Apostle Paul lived by this model. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry is not a business, or a ministry seeking material gain. 100% true!

(Particular gratitude is given to Christine O, Kathy, Faith-Joy, Bessie, Joice, Jacki, Toni, Linda, Mel, Marama, Lorraine A, Abby, John W, Kaiwai, Neice Sharon, Moko Snowy for their quiet giving of talents, in a variety of ways – thank you very much).

Widows Co-Foundation Members: New Zealand widows, widowers, poor and rich and leaders, have hosted and interceded for Heaven on Earth Prophetic (Ministry) in this nation and overseas. We are forever grateful for the kindness shown to ensure events, meetings, conferences take place. Kathy Gunby, is one special widow who prayed many, many years for the success of this ministry and salvation of many lives. She is a resident at a Remuera rest home now.  A singing intercessory prophetess os what she is well known for.

Lauren Daigle sings a song prophesying “Dry Bones to Live.” A  type and shadow when Ezekiel the Prophet called the Army of dry bones to live (Ezekiel 37 verse 1-14). We all need to  revive, restore and renew our life.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry is a Family: Showing love, whose compassionate arms are open wide to embrace whoever walks through the door every month. There is no judgment or condemnation toward anyone. Love and kindness are key elements. To date over 3,700 prophetic meetings have been held, excluding the ministry invitations received overseas.

The Trumpet and Eagle: The imagery of a prophetic person is that of a Trumpeter, or an Eagle who is a Christian who warns ahead of calamity or End Time events, like now. They sound an alarm, a warning, a loud voice declaring an event, proclaiming a declaration, activating a catalytic series of events. They can see from incredible heights whilst soaring up and down in the spirit.

Imagine an eagle soaring over various terrains, ducking and cleverly diving, in and out, swooping close to cliff edges, high and low, smarting the skies above and valleys strategically, below. The eagle is completely liberated, born to fly over every circumstance. Born to conquer every storm. Never beaten. Eagles thrive in storms. The King of the Skies. Prophet’s need to devour “meat” that is God’s Word to help them to discern and warn believers. In the natural, eagles are often tormented by larger, ferocious hunters. There is no difference in the spiritual realm. No prophetic person should ever live a life where they are restricted from expressing this gift. God’s Generals.

What Prophetic Type are you?  For women are you an Abigail, Deborah, Sarah, Hannah, Miriam, Mary, Esther for women? Or are you  like Ezekiel, Moses, David, Samuel, Nathan, Solomon, Nehemiah, Elijah, Paul, Nathan, Jonah, John, Joseph, Joshua for the men? Study them and ask a friend to select an old time prophetic figure you suit. Is your style like that of a jack hammer, a hard-hitter, gentle as a lamb, revelatory and a picture painter, poetic, musically inclined, a judge and direct, or a big picture apostle mix?

Above all, Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry is about partnering with God and advancing His Kingdom on earth. In the last days. Who will be left standing? Who will deny Christ? Who will sell their soul for a morsel? Who will receive the Mark 666?

The Adversary: Christians battle daily as warring soldiers. Prophets moreso. There is an adversary, that is fighting against every good thing to destroy the existence of every born again believer. That adversary is God’s primary enemy, Satan. Satan means “opposition of God” a divisive, evil, wicked entity who rules the second heaven, the Prince of the Air. Satan’s objective is to draw as many naive innocent souls as possible, to the pit of Hell. Every unsuspecting victim caught in the realms of sedition is destined to an eternal torment and relegated to the depths of darkness. Worse still, an eternal separation from the ever Loving Father God is inevitable. This is not His design. Know warfare strategy and know your enemy very well and how to use your weaponry.

Spiritual Wells in Aotearoa, New Zealand: Visit “Jesus Calls Tower” 80 Carr St, Mount Roskill, 7 pm on Tuesday’s and “Shalom Vision” same venue on Wednesday’s at 7.00 pm; “Beth Melech” 115 Railside Road, West Auckland, 7 pm on Friday’s; “Grace Global” 27-33 Ohinerau Road, Remuera 10.00 am on Sunday’s;”Crossover Church” 1 Tay Street, Invercargill 10 am on Sunday mornings; “Crossroads” 36 Cook Drive, Whitianga and 79 Matthews, Avenue, Kaitaia” 10 am on Sunday mornings; “Otorohanga Baptist” 8 Ranfurly Street, 10 am on Sunday mornings; “Uplift Church, 52 Franklin Road, Pukekohe ” 9.00 am and 10.00 am; “Te Awamutu Methodist Church” 37 Bank Street, 10. am on Sunday mornings; “Waihi Beach Presbyterian Church” 3 Gilmour Street 10.am on Sunday mornings; The Wave Church, Gibson Street, Opunake, Sth Taranaki, 10.00 am Sunday mornings.

Pitfalls To The Discerning – Faithful Intercessors Step-Up:  Avoid at all costs living a double lifestyle as a Prophet or Prophetess. Compromising holiness to “sin for a season” is a foolish and potentially fatal act to any one in ministry. Many a fatal tale can be told of those who have been lured by the love of money, acts of sexual immorality and power lust. The three common earthly traps of any well-meaning ministry leader. The price of failing is high, the consequences are irreversible but by the Grace of God.

Building Prophetic Networks and Respecting Fellow Prophets and Prophetesses: Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry (NZ) are: (the late) Wayne Thomas, Pstr Paul Prentice, Kathy G, (the late) Kim Clements, (the late) John Paul Jackson, Apostle/Prophet Chuck Pierce (USA), Prophet Brent Douglas, Prophetess Lana Vawser, Prophetess Jeana Jurisich, Prophetess Lynn Packer, Prophetess Faith-Joy Aaron, Prophetess Jenny Matheson,, Prophet Dave Hunt, Prophetess Kaiwai Leatherby, Prophet Elijah Mpwansa; Prophet/Teacher Ian Johnson, Prophet Len Butner; Prophet/Teacher Rodney Francis, Prophet David Peters, Prophetess Caroline P, Pstr/Prophetess Rosemary Tutton, Prophetess Julie Cherry and Warren Cherry (Australia), Prophetess Nina James, Apostolic Norm McLeod, Pstr/Prophetess Trysh Bussell, Pstr/Prophetess Jill Smith (Pukekohe), Prophetess Lisa Pickering, Prophetess Nina James, Prophetic Revivalist Heidi Baker (USA), Prophetess Lynley Allen, Prophet’s Don Lake, Phillip P, Prophet Shawn Bowlz, Prophet Peter Kumar, Prophet Graham Cooke, Prophet Prince Chezkie, Apostle/Prophet Bill Hammon, Prophetess’s Stacey Campbell and Angela Grenig (USA), Prophet BiJoy, Prophet Jeremy Willowfree, Prophetess Rosie Ropata

Count the Cost: There is a high price to weigh up when embarking on the realms of the prophetic. Sit down and count the cost whether you will be fully committed to giving up your own dreams and aspirations, to follow Jesus Christ. Your own life.

There  is a cost to your flesh. Being prophetic is not being weird or different. It has risks. Persecution and pain increase. Prophets or Prophetesses suffer much however do not pity them. Do not idolize them either. You must be led to the Rock of Jesus Christ when your heart is overwhelmed. His Rock is higher than any human. Sovereign is He. The Prophetic gift should not be confined exclusively within church walls. Jesus Christ used it moreso outside the confines walls. The Good News Gospel says, God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to bear the penalty for all of our sins. Why? So God can have a relationship with us through His Son. God hates sin. He is Holy. He is a Spirit.

Motivated to Reject the Replacement Theory As leader of Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry the Replacement Theology, is not accepted. It is a belief system that the Church, replaces the Jewish people, as they rejected the Messiah. Jesus Christ was, is and always will be the true Messiah. Judaism teachings are an obtuse and opposite theology. We are the Gentiles grafted into the Vine. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry aligns to the Hebraic teachings of Yeshua, Jesus Christ and is aligned to Beth Melech, located in Waitakere under the guidance of Rabbi Yakov Brown. An outstanding and respected teacher of the traditions and Gospel of Jesus. We learn authentic Hebraic teachings; respect and honor women; respect and honor children; uphold the Laws of the Torah; study scriptures in context to the times and seasons and honor sacredness.


“Jesus Christ, I am a sinner. I ask you to forgive me for my wrongdoing. I ask you to remove the penalty of death from me and know Your Precious Blood blots out all of my sins whenever I repent. Help me everyday to be a strong Christian and serve the poor, widows, weak and sick. Thank you. Amen.”

God will direct your path for the rest of your life through twists and turns.(Johns 3 verse 16 KJV) “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Focusing on Prophecy: Where do prophetic insights originate from? In Revelation 19 v 10 (KJV) it says “the testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy.” Whenever you express an experience of His goodness, it is a prophetic act. Whenever we worship, praise, give and receive prophecy, it is everything that Jesus Christ life prepares and provides for us. Prophecy should give us a sense that Jesus Christ is in the center of the message. Jesus Christ, with Holy Spirit is inspiring and shares the heart-beat and words that come directly from God, the Father. Prophecy is heard when you open your mouth wide and say what you hear God the Father says to you. True prophecy never puffs up or flatters. It never attacks or cuts. It will warn, correct and exhort.

True Prophet’s and Prophetesses Never lie or lose self-control: Read Romans 3 v 23 Prophecy is given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. True Prophets, Prophetesses and the prophetically inclined, are always led by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, having led and continues to lead millions of Christians. Prophecy has clarified decisions for millions of people about the way to live, where to live, how long you will live and where not to live. Like a butterfly, Prophesies, come and go. God’s Word, remains.

Heaven on Earth Prophetic Ministry – Mission Statements:

Psalm 18 verse 16 KJV  “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.”

Romans 12 verse 6 KJV “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them.” Never, ever under-estimate the benefits of the prophetic. The only source of the prophetic gift is directly from our loving Father, God Almighty, the Great “I AM.” Any other voice would come only from the demonic.

John 4 verse 24  KJV “God is a Spirit and they that worship (follow) Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.”

Apostle Paul urged Believer’s to pursue prophesy due to the encouraging, uplifting, unifying and powerful components this gift releases. Every Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit can prophesy. The activation of this gift is a personal and corporate responsibility. So many Christian people are not taught, activated or released to use the prophetic gift proficiently.

Aotearoa New Zealand – World Firsts

On 6 February 1840, the First Treaty in the world between Indigenous people’s (Maori) and Crown (the Government) was signed at Waitangi, Paihia, historically known as The Treaty of Waitangi.

In 1893, New Zealand women were first in the world to be granted the political right to vote.

On 28 May 1953, the first man to climb and conquer Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, was New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hilary.

Aotearoa, New Zealand experienced a move of God in the 1850’s, where nearly 90% of Indigenous Maori were converted to Christianity.

Missionaries transformed this nation. The Church was instrumental in securing land sales for colonials and transactions when simultaneously coaxing Maori to sign the Treaty of Waitangi 1840 .

First World War Tactics. An effective war-time strategy was used in major world wars by Great Powers. Maori fortification and rippled trenches feature on steep hills to reduce enemy lines advancing whilst watching and hiding under hidden trenches. Incredible war-time ingenuity.

New Zealander, Lord Rutherford, discovered how to split the atom in 1908. He found a phenomenal scientific discovery that revolutionised nuclear and artillery intelligence throughout the world.

In 2019,  New Zealand was voted the country with the best accent in the world with Auckland known as “The City of Sails” was voted the most popular bicycle city in the world per head per capita, ahead of Amsterdam, Holland. How did this happen?

The Genesis of the New Zealand Prophetic Movement:Before the 20th Century, in a small West Coast Taranaki town called Waitara, a remarkable eccentric Canadian preacher, Aimee Semple-McPherson, made an impact in the local Waitara Methodist Church community.  She had already preached to 100’s and 1000’s of people all over the world. She changed the way sermons were preached by women. Aimee Semple-McPherson was the first evangelical women to preach behind a pulpit, ever. The pulpit was open only for men.

Famous figure and actress, Marilyn Monroe became a Christian at the Dream Centre in Los Angeles, USA years ago, where Aimee Semple-McPherson once worked.

Taranaki – the Humble Prophetic Belt: Between 1950-1964, a move of God extended along the South Taranaki western coastline, in a town called Hawera (means “breath of fire of the burnt place”). Famous American Evangelist Billy Graham, was radio broadcast during a local open air crusade in the Hawera town hall for up to a week. Long time Foundation Member of Heaven on Earth Prophetic Ministry, Kathy G. attended Billy Graham’s first New Zealand’s  broadcast as a teenager at the time. She recalls accepting an invitation by a close friend Francine.

Under that Mountain, Parihaka Pa, South Taranaki: You need to read what happened in the early innocent days of this nations history. Yes, history describes two Taranaki Maori Prophets, Te Whiti O Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi led Parihaka Settlement in a peaceful non-resistance protest on 5 November 1881, against 1600 armed constabulary troops who were ordered by Native Minister J. Bryce to arrest and imprison (without a trial), the two leaders, fellow Maori occupants and owners of the land. Exactly 41 years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. Young Maori children and all adults sang peacefully when troops attacked and kidnapped adult Maori men from Parihaka Pa. Large numbers of men were taken by ship to uninhabited South Island coastal locations such as Greymouth and Dunedin.

The men never saw their families ever again. They were chained to cave floors, scratching the roofs and perished mercilessly as a direct result of unforgiving high tides and they drowned.

(Romans 8 v 28 KJV) “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”

Two hundred years later, peace and still quietness reign among the descendants of the Taranaki farming coastline. As we know forty years constitute a generation. The biblical  number “forty” means “fiery trial and tribulation while on probation.’ Knowing about our history and landmarks helps us appreciate current and future aspirations as there are usually tribulation, prior to great spiritual moves of God.

Both Maori Prophets were kind, humble men who loved God with all their hearts. Their legacy of peace continues to live on at Parihaka Pa, Pungarehu, along the Taranaki coastline, through to this, the 21st Century. Taranaki has a rich heritage for birthing Prophets, Prophetesses and Worship leaders who have made a profound impact in Christendom throughout this century.

Receive a Prophet, you receive a Prophet’s reward. Harm a Prophet you face God’s wrath at your own peril:Ignore a Prophet’s guidance, you will live to regret it. Mockers, hecklers, the critical, agnostic, atheist, slanderer, need Gods’s love more than they would ever admit. Anti-Christ, Jezebel and Death and Hell strong holds in people prevent them from opening up to the spirit of God straight away. Love never fails.

Speaking Vessels – Prophets and Prophetesses: God has throughout the centuries used animals to speak through (a donkey), the earth, the weather, signs and wonders or circumstances to express His brilliance and rage. Significantly, God will convey messages of warning or of hope (Nahum 1 v 4-8). God is forever loving, forever faithful, forever calling and drawing the lost. He desires that no one perishes in the Fires and Pit of Hell.

Children – Little Prophet’s: Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry honor children. *Suffer not the children to come to” Jesus Christ for help. Biblical references document how children ruled and reigned as Kings and Queens, graced with inherently rich wisdom beyond their natural years. They heard and spoke to God in their innocent years from the time of conception. Every prophet child, was and is divinely named and angelically protected from the cradle. Encourage children to prophesy in our nation. Encourage them to share what they see through their innocent eyes. Be prepared to be shocked out of your boots. Children have no hidden agenda, no barriers, no filters to deceive or even know what deception is. Haere mai tamariki ma. Karanga mai kia koe.

A Prophet and Prophetess Is Confirmed: Jesus of Nazareth and John the Baptist were first cousin’s. Both mother’s were biological sister’s, Mary and Elizabeth. With every new move in the spiritual context of Christendom, a Trumpeter an Apostle, announces the True Prophet. Look at young Samuel. He audibly heard God, the Father’s Voice. God called him four times. Has he been calling you? Samuel obeyed God, responded verbally and followed His Voice. Children quickly understand what God’s saying. and act without reservation or delay. Samuel was one Prophet whose words never fell to the ground. He was a formidable prophet. No prophet matched only Jesus Christ surpassed his reputation, close by Moses and Elijah.

A revelatory result of the deep crying to deep is demonstrated when Hannah’s desire to have a child was painfully heard to a point she was numbed to paralysis. She was heard loud and clear by God. A prophetic miracle happened  A child was given to her. She promised to give back to God the child for His Service and Glory. Persistence and speaking things into being is a spiritual phenomenon. This action worked for earnest, passionate and barren Hannah. Why not for you? Try it out for yourself. Learn to sit quietly and hear God’s voice. Silence the noise around you.

Jesus Christ, the Son, the Prophet, the King, the Saviour. Youthful, serene Jesus, was found at the age of 12 years in the Temple by his earthly parents “going about His (Spiritual) Father’s business” where he was listening to his Father’s teachings. Number 12 is symbolic of the Prophetic Realm Revealed and activated. Joseph was the 12th child of Jacob (his name was changed to Israel). Twelve is Governmental.

The power of divine  providence and a person’s Calling can never be underestimated.

Prophetic Leaders are Accountable: Who is your Armor bearer? Your spiritual confidante? Your Aaron? Your Jonathan? Your Mary? Your John? Are you trustworthy, transparent, honest, faithful, generous of spirit. A pre-warning to all in prophetic ministries. If you are not married, you need a witness, an armor-bearer of the same gender when travelling until such a time that you marry.  David, Jonathan; Mary, Elizabeth; Moses, Aaron; Jesus, John; Martha, Mary.

Attend a loving, kind, well functioning, healthy, God-fearing, Holy Spirit filled church. Wow, have fun finding this church. Steer away from bullying churches, oppressive and religious in nature. Order and discipline is priority for any church or gathering however controlling and the overbearing is no good way to grow freely.

Promises are to the Called and Faithful: Father Abraham, in my eyes was the forerunner Father of Faith; the forerunner Father of all Father’s; the forerunner Father of Blessings and Promises.

“The blessing of the Lord makes us rich and adds no sorrow to it.” (Proverbs 10 vs 22 KJV ) :This Promise is for you. God’s prophesy spoke into being, the promised child born to Father Abraham and Mother Sarah. Father Abraham’s Seed is the true incorruptible seed. This is the revelation. You see true Prophet’s and true Prophetesses originate from an Incorruptible Seed. They would never lie or resort to bullying tactics to affirm their identity. They hate lies, counterfeit.

“You have been born not from the perishable but from the imperishable seed through the Living and abiding Word of God.” (1 Peter 1 verse 23)

You cannot give prophesy, without the leading of the peaceful serenity of Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit only speaks truth and of things to come. The vessel, the temple (you), is where the Holy Spirit inhabits – forever. God chooses to speak to, and through a church based on sound orderly governance, that is submitted to His Voice.

1 Corinthians 12 verse (v27) NKJV it says “Now you are the Body of Christ, and members individually (v28) And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of hearings, helps, administration, varieties of tongues.”

True Prophetic leaders are mindful of spiritual, biblical and legal protocols operating within this gifting. Spiritual safety and protection allows for maximum benefits to the Body of Christ. Pastors as we know, jealously care for the flock while evangelists reach out to the sea of countless lost souls to harvest before the End Time curtain falls. Both Pastor and Evangelist complete the five-fold ministry within a contemporary church structure. God will always operate through orderliness, not chaos. He orders chaos.

Is God Really Defending  Aotearoa, New Zealand? Our National Anthem is under seize. Forces known and unknown seek to shut it down – to annihilate it. Stand fast, stay true and honorable to it. New Zealand is a nation that enjoys freely spoken prophetic word, biblical teachings, open air evangelism yet we still as a nation, adore the Occult, New Age Teachings and Practices, Free Masonry and tohunga practices of the Indigenous.

Our New Zealand borders are open to every “strange belief and practice” from other religions and Third World nations. Wake up Kiwis, unless we place God Almighty as the only God, every other god will try to establish dominion within our nation. We are the Gatekeepers of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Tangata Whenua te Maori. Pray for our nation. Pray on your knees. Guard the gates.

The Journey (Hikoi) Begins: A Kingdom-based ministry was activated when Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry held the very first gathering. A spiritual and physical transaction catalytically took place over Central and East Auckland in 2010, on a local level, then a regional, national, and global level. It has been my observation and belief the consistent release of  prophetic in the central core suburb of Auckland, that is Greenlane, catalytically activated major physical and spiritual prophetic transformation up and down this nation of Aotearoa, New Zealand occurred.

Gold Dust Glory Realm Experiences: “Glory Realm” experiences spread throughout this country inside and outside church walls. Gold dust fell during a meeting for an hour. Descending from the ceiling. The venue where we meet regularly in Auckland is  commercial gold mine. business reviews and statistics document abundance in revenue. Heaven came down. Toni P attended Horizon Church, Ellerslie, is gifted with the unique formation of gemstones and gold nuggets in her homes, at church meetings, on her clothing.

Prophetic proclamations call into being “things that are not, as if they are.” Things have not happened, before. Are stagnant. Agree with His Word, just speak it out. Read about Prophet Elijah and Prophet Ezekiel as their lives are a true demonstration of the Power of God and His Word at work. The Kingdom of God is not just in Word, but it is (also) in Power. It is the Spirit of God, the sacred Holy Spirit, that all things are sanctified and blessed by. All Glory is His.

Do not Throw Hatchets at the Moon: American, Prophetic Visionary, the late, John Paul Jackson’s book “Throwing Hatchets at the Moon” informs the reader concerning the pitfalls met by those who delve in spiritual realms reserved for authorized sinister, evil beings. Dreams, interpretations and godly guidance feature in Mr Jackson’s broad ministry and several anointed books penned by him. Another godly man and prophetic musical personality, the late American Kim Clements, was a devoted Christian man ahead of his time. Before his untimely death, Kim Clements prophesied “Donald John Trump would be the new divinely appointed President of the United States.” It came to pass.

True fruit of God’s Chosen Prophet and Prophetess: True prophetic will always point to Him and present hopefulness.  Steer away from calamity, the weird, the dark, perverse and spiritual wickedness. So should you. Test and try the spirit in the speaker. Is it safe? Is what they are saying lining up with the Bible? Is it healing? Is it restoring and uniting people or scattering them?

Prophetic is the Word of God. The Word of God is Prophetic. God is Love and He always undergirds and surrounds every prophetic word and ministry with His Love. Shalom, Shalom.