Aotearoa, NZ and Australian Alliance

The Kiwi-Ozzy’s (key-waz-zeez)

The Formidable New Zealand and Australian Factors 

Speaking engagements for Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry to Perth, Mandurrah, Australia, moreso Baronia, Melbourne (2016 until 2018), were enriching and encouraging. Accompanying us were Prophetess Julie Cherry and Pastor/Healer Warren Cherry, Gold Coast and hosts Kiwi ex-patriate’s, Ben and Maree Phillips, Caroline Springs, Melbourne with their pastoral oversight Pastor Stewart and Sonya Bell. The Bell’s currently reside in Wanganui, leading a prophetic ministry.

The Cherry’s are friend’s of Heaven on Earth Prophetic Ministry, who have faithfully served kiwi gatherings in this nation with accurate prophecies, word of knowledge, and the delivery of a powerful healing ministry. They are with the Australian Prophetic Council of the Prophets.

Pastor David and Maree Hunt lead a successful ministry in Mandurah, Perth. He is an Apostle Prophet with over 40 years experience under his belt, an anointed, accurate prophet and teacher. As a schoolteacher in Opunake (Or-pu-nuck-key), Taranaki, I learnt spiritual gems under the Hunt’s leadership for 7 years and when I taught in Auckland, Whangarei, Waikato, Whakatane, the United Kingdom. I testify to this couple’s integrity.

Australians and the Indigenous Aborigines with New Zealand and the Indigenous, Maori have a great deal more in common than we care to understand. “Advance Australia” and God Defend New Zealand” are unique titles for respective national anthems. In the current season, both nations are confronted with a glimpse of what End-Time reality is about. We are facing the biggest global shift in every aspect of human kind like never before. A tidal wave of unprecedented attack is staring at us.

May God Defend and Advance both nations. Deuteronomy 38.

May God truly “advance hope and courage” to all Australian’s and restore what has been stolen and destroyed from this powerful, beautiful, vast country. I, decree and declare these words over Australia, this day and forever.

May God’s Battle Army Angel’s defend and protect Aotearoa, New Zealand from sickness, enemy attacks and economic ruin. I, decree and declare, we are “not sheep” in character, even though sheep number many. We are “more like the Kiwi bird,” survivors when life is darkest. Sharp-sighted, long intrusive beak, solidly earthy and sensitive to the cold antipodean environment.

May both nations emerge victorious, the Church standing side by side;  when “the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord raises up a standard” (Isaiah 59 verse 19). Never, ever give up. Stand up, fight on your knees Kiwi-Ozzy’s. Three Prophetic Words released publicly* (2017) are still relevant, one for Aotearoa New Zealand, another for Australia, the third is for both nations. God knew what we are experiencing. View the full written prophetic words in the Service Section of this website).

Ozzy’s and Kiwi’s – Love Thy Neighbour

Of some interest New Zealand and Ausbatralia have a long held bond in areas of sport, politics, language, food, economic strength, moreso the renowned the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (1914-1916) or ANZAC battle.

Both countries fought together against their rivals in the vicious Mediterranean war and the Battle of Gallipoli against all odds. Such credulous comradeship existed to become one of the most famous war-time alliances ever recorded in the history of man.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry has sponsored active prophetic exchanges between New Zealand and Australia since 2016.

The Kiwi Bird – New Zealand’s National Icon

For clarity, a “kiwi”(kee-wee) is the name of New Zealand’s native bird, our national icon. Kiwi is proudly our nickname.

Kiwi birds special features in a comparative form, describe prophetic elements nicely. The kiwi is always at risk of extinction. Kiwis have the help of human conservationists to survive. The prophetic needs to be activated and utilized by the local body of believers and intercessors.

God loves His mouthpieces. Intercessors and safe closely-knit prayer warriors protect us, as earthly vanguards. The kiwi and the prophetic have enemies within their own camp.

Enemies increase a hundred-fold once you journey into the realms of prophetic. A kiwi is not a flock bird, it usually hides itself in the native bushland of New Zealand, as far south as the cold Fiordland’s, the South Island and bush clad regions. An odd looking bird with a funny pear-shaped, oblong body. It cannot fly naturally but defies the odds and survives. The kiwi is by nature, earth bound with both slender feet firmly on the ground, using the classic long beak with two holes at the tip, to help forage for food. With good eye sight in dark places a kiwi is agile in the natural environment from whence it came.

The feathers of a kiwi are highly sought after used to make and adorn cloaks known by traditional Maori as a “korowai”(cloak) worn by highly ranked Chiefs and highly esteemed dignitaries. This is how precious, the kiwi bird is. Similarly, true Prophets and true Prophetesses are highly sought after for the divine enablement. It is the Holy Spirit that selects severally what gifting we each receive. Listen to them, listen and act on what is spoken over the the globe, the nation, you. Prophets and Prophetesses are chosen and called by God since the beginning of time.

They “turn on the light” so those living in darkness can see better and walk in new hope, where there is no hope. To a desperate sufferer, a wise prophetic word has the power to turn a world of despair into one of freedom, enduring joy and hope. Feeling isolated, abandoned, rejected, abhorred, alone, vulnerable, in danger? Declare your saving grace, and prophesy wellness over your own life, right this moment.

What is the Purpose of Prophecy? Prophecy answers desperate questions and unlocks life’s secrets.

Prophecy awakens the sleepy-head. Things happen. Prophecy encourages, warns, announces, proclaims, draws people together, redirects, strengthens, builds communities, builds stronger churches, establishes healthier nations, activates revivals. This is God’s plan for humanity.  Like the wee kiwi, prophecy is best seen and heard, not hidden away for only few to access. Prophecy is a blessing, a powerfully uplifting gift.

True Prophets and True Prophetesses live solitary, painful lives for modest rewards. Hidden often in daily meditation. Miracles are promised as in Joshua 3 v 5.  Joshua said “Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you,” True Corporals and Generals in spiritual warfare.

Matthew 24 vs 14 (KJV) says “The Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the “world” (Greek for “the civilised world”) as a witness unto all nations. And then shall the end come.”  A Kingdom Mindset is the blueprint of every Prophet or Prophetess, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. When you encounter a True Prophetic Man or Woman, you are assured of a life-style change. You will be impacted. Life for you will change. There is no doubt about it.

Where did Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry Name Originate?  Is a name chosen by the author to describe the “heavenly” factor as believers meet together, here “on earth” in a safe, worshipful prophetic setting. No religious restraints exist.

What do people desire when they attend Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry? A Prophetic word. An encounter. A genuine hug. A kind word. A smile. A warm handshake. Loving connection to others. Someone to hear and to listen to their voice. The Anointing. God’s Word. Spiritual orphans find their way to Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry gatherings, like camels looking for a drinking hole in the Sahara Desert.

Acts of Kindness and Gifting’s There are no acts of forcing, bullying or religious coercion toward visitors that attend the gatherings. No wanton or divisive acts are tolerated. Payment for a prophetic word, healing, or salvation is heresy in my spiritual view. Paying for a prophetic word is unbiblical and is not encouraged. Discerning intent of speakers is difficult sometimes until the actual speaker ministers. However, giving a servant of God koha for stewarding the gift, is biblical.

1 Timothy 5 verse 18 (ERV) “When a work animal is being used to separate grain, don’t keep it from eating the grain. A worker should be given his pay.” Clairvoyants, spiritual mediums, palm readers, soothe sayers, divination, charmers are paid. Their source and intent not guided by Holy Spirit.

Revelation 21 verse 8 “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

Acts 16 verse 16-18 Remember the biblical story about the young girl who had a spirit of divination, yelled out among the crowds announcing Apostle Paul and his friends “here are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to you the way of salvation.” The agenda was an insidious hidden plan to make money for her corrupt owner. Charlatans should be called out for deception, luring, seducing the weak and vulnerable. We must repent if we are inclined to deceive the weak, only to “make lots of money.”

Prophets and Prophetesses in this nation should be more active in the deliverance of the demonic. This is a challenging area to minister in. Only mature. seasoned servants should do this ministry type, it is  ultimate role distinction.

2 Kings 2 verse 16-18 Reveals God hid 7,000 prophets from a death sentence by wicked Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab. They both worshipped Baal, a pagan god. Prophet Elijah was sure he was the last prophet living. He destroyed 400 of Jezebel’s prophets then hid himself in a cave, out of fear and dread. Jezebel decreed that Prophet Elijah be found and vengeance paid upon his person. He was to die. She was eradicated instead.

Prophet Elijah had earlier called down fire from heaven to consume the impossible of challenges against the Prophets of Baal. God was watching his heart of obedience. There is a time to face the masses again. On the flip side hear only His Voice simply indulge in quietness God rewards in His Time. I truly believe He hides – whom He trusts, and preserves His greatest servants and uses them for the most dangerous assignments – all for His Glory.

Psalm 31 verse 18 (God says) “Silence their lying lips those proud have arrogant lips that accuse the godly. How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear You. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection.

Matthew 10 verse 41 says “Receive a Prophet, you receive a Prophet’s reward.”

What is the Difference between a Prophetic Person and a True Prophet? Most people sense true prophets and prophetesses due to their strong level of discernment and God’s mantle of authority they carry. The church is a natural and a spiritual hedgerow of protection for them. It is a special church that allows the resident Prophet or Prophetess to function without controlling them. Most Prophets and Prophetesses are itinerant ministers and are very successful and much loved. Insecurity, held by a leader is like a stone in a Prophet and Prophetesses shoe.

#True Prophetts and Prophetesses En-masse control demonic spirits are heavily present around good shepherds, true worship leaders, musicians and true prophets. There is no easy way to say it. Psalm 109 is such an in-depth expression of David’s heart-ache. His enemies were at every corner, seeking his demise, total destruction and demise. Prophetic word can be a proclamation for a particular season, place and time. Patience, long-suffering, joy, peace and hope grow when waiting for a prophecy to come to pass. True prophecy will happen sooner than later.

# True Prophets and Prophetesses -Prophecy has no real value unless there is a deep relationship between the individual and God. Spending quality and quantity time with Him. Sharpen your ears, hear every deep-seated prompt in your heart. A way to grow a godly relationship with God is to Worship Him. Study and memorise His Word. His Voice is on every page. Read to hear His Voice.

2 Timothy 2 verse 15 “Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that need not be afraid, rightly dividing the word of Truth.”

#True Prophets and Prophetesses – Know if your word you give is true. You know you. The hearer is a judge of your accuracy, as they know their need. A word only confirms what you know and what you have been asking God to reveal about the hearer. This is an abomination to God if you are reading peoples mail and giving them what they want to hear. Prophets are not exempt from bearing bad fruit. Fruit remain. Fruit do not lie, good or bad. Never ask a “prophet” to return to the venue, if he or she who rebukes a leader or is partial to certain people type ( attractiveness, racially, gender, ageism, status, healthy persona).

Paul teaches in I Corinthians 13 that God’s love serves others, prefers others, is pure, and of good report. God is Love. Know God and you know what His Love is.

#True Prophets or Prophetesses rarely draw people to themselves. It happens though. The Prophetic gift has a very strong magnetic-like pull. With godly interventions, personal tests, humble heart, lowliness with a contrite spirit God will use a pure-hearted vessel to touch the masses. Oh beloved, pride is a cruel master. Keep humble. Never show off or grand stand. All glory is God’s.

#True Prophets and Prophetesses who demonstrate careful restraint with people’s information until it is the right time and place to reveal it is an exemplary servant. Trusted and highly regarded by God, the Father. Prophecy is definitely not clairvoyancy, voodoo, mind-control, new age spiritualism, soothe-saying, mate kite in Maori (means “seers of death”), iridology, tarot card reading, mantra chanting, mystics, medium readings, horoscopes, hypnotism or divination. They are all abominations to God. Discern if a charlatan is using these entry points.

#True Prophets and Prophetesses help many people are searching for an accurate personal word to relieve them from genuine distress. God will get a Word to a person or a nation if the help is so desperately required. Refer to Psalm 121. Whether imprisoned, hunted down, stalked, ignored, humiliated, dejected, ambushed, trapped and abused. He speaks through ordinary kiwis, local ministries and overseas Prophets and Prophetesses, over the generations concerning His plans.

#True Prophets and Prophetesses should read Jeremiah. Discussed are lying words from the mouth of those who say God “said” when He clearly, did not say. Be hopeful Reader. New Zealand has a small number of genuine, reliable,  godly Prophets and Prophetesses. Feel free to enquire or check a list I have provided  in this website of good servants.

#True Prophets and True Prophetesses set the moral fiber of a nation. They are the true Generals of the Army of God. A True Prophet or True Prophetess never readily seeks remuneration for a gift so powerful. There have been exemplary prophetic voices who have impacted this nation, and known by Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) ministry.

#True Prophets and Prophetesses do not tickle the ear, or flatter, but rather, encourage, exhort, admonish, correct, warn the listener from doing evil and to do good. A judging and harsh prophetic word, with no love, should be a warning. No love evident, then run. Kiwis are attracted to the authentic and have discerned uniqueness. Prophets or Prophetesses should never be judged by how many follow them, but by what spirit, the Prophet or Prophetess follows.

Elements Required on the Prophetic Journey

There are 21 elements  to a prophetic journey.

The Spirit of God; the Spirit of the Lord; the Spirit of the Father; the Spirit of Wsdom and Understanding; the Spirit of Judgment; the Spirit of Burning; the Spirit of Counsel and Might; the Spirit of Knowledge; the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord; the Spirit of Grace; the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Jesus Christ; the Spirit of Adoption; the Spirit of Meekness; the Spirit of Liberty; the Spirit of Glory; the Spirit of Salvation and Redemption and the Spirit of Prophecy.

There is only One Spirit of which all are encompassed and that is, the Holy Spirit.

The Cost of  the Prophetic Realm?  Persecution, trials and tribulation are milestones by which one journeys in order to accomplish these elements. The cost is high in the pursuit of purification and prophetic use. Everyone desiring to function in the Gift of Prophecy should sit down first and ask ourselves . Can I pay the cost of being consecrated, unspotted? Do I want to give up everything, ambitions, material gain, reputation?

Acts 1 v 2 King James Version (KJV)  “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.” Stay in unity, in the Body, in the place of obedience.  

According to the Word, we as believer’s are descendant’s of Abraham, the Father of Faith. Father Abraham was blessed by God the Father. Father Abraham had faith in God the Father. Therefore, promises given to Father Abraham, and to those who believe in God the Father, without doubting Him, and to those who live right before Him, are Father Abraham’s Seed.

It is they, who are destined to be blessed, even as he was. Father Abraham “searched for a city not made with hands.” A Heavenly so-journer. He was in every sense a prophetic and a faith-led spiritual being, looking always to God the Father, not distracted by earthly circumstances. Heaven On Earth (Prophetic) Ministry are a family of believers on their own heavenly hikoi (journey) in this the 21st Century. We should search. It is in unified song and prayer that an anointing (a spiritual enabling) is activated. The best time to prophesy. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry are fully acquainted to resting in the presence and grace of the anointing of God.

Galatians 3 v 29 KJV “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the Promise.”

Maori and Non-Maori Advancing Together (2010) – The Treaty of Waitangi 1840 – the Brown & Blue Print

Prophetically I decree, Indigenous Māori, non-Maori and diverse people’s living in Aotearoa will live in this nation together as one under God’s Hand, assured that we as one nation can overcome the limitations placed on us in this nation.

Aotearoa, New Zealand, co-operatively reap the full benefits of God’s Promises to Father Abraham’s seed as one. Forgiveness and repentance are key elements. Aotearoa New Zealand is a Forerunner Nation for dynamic advancement, spiritually, economically, governmentally and spiritually. The Contra-Proferentum Principle? What is it? Honour the Culture of Honour. Aotearoa New Zealand is the only nation in the world that signed a Treaty or a partnership agreement.

The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 between the Indigenous Māori and Crown, the government representative. There is great need for trust between cultures and strive to embrace the cultural aspects of differences and mistrust before our nation can move ahead.

The Contra-Proferentum principle states “if a Treaty has an element of ambiguity it is the responsibility of the Government of the day that they should grant full credence to the Indigenous people.” In this case Maori. There is scope and need for the Treaty of Waiting to be honoured. God honours covenants.

So New Zealand, we poise, waiting with baited breath as to what government ruling party will honour this auspicious principle. The Prophetic voice should stand with the people and the church to witness this principle be upheld and formulated under God’s command. He blesses covenant honouring principles. Legal tender is and should result before true blessing and peace happens.

Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry Highlights

26-27 September 2016 – Awakening the Destiny of a Nation/Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion/House of Zion (Waipuna, Auckland) participated in a unique apostolic prophetic visit by a well-known American apostle. A traditional Powhiri was given to Apostle/Prophet Chuck Pierce as he arrived in Auckland International Airport. Chuck Pierce gave Apostolic Prophetic Mantles to Malcolm, Tatou, Henie, Fay, Cambridge elderly group. Maori reciprocated with Greenstone “taonga”(precious gift) to Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion Ministry team. Kingdom focus was a hallmark of this gathering. Chuck Pierce released a strong Prophetic word saying God “will raise up Maori to release them into a place of encouragement and influence and respect. God will do it. Music will resonate from the inside of prison walls around New Zealand.” Video of event not released. 

1 October 2016 – Regional and National Maori Christian Hui (ICMIC) invited to Welcome Bay (Tauranga) and Waharoa (near Hauraki Plains) to participate in Maori Hui. Led by the late Kaumatua, Apostolic (the late) Tatou Rameka (Tauranga) and Team. They have held many Hui throughout Aotearoa, from one Coast to the other. Maori founded on the Apostolic principles and borne from Pentecostal Movement which swept this Nation in early 60’s through to the late 80’s, gather at ICMIC Hui. All Glory is Gods.’

8 & 9 October 2016 – A Northland Event called “Te Aroha Hui” was held at Te Puna o te Matauranga Marae, North Tech, Whangarei  Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry hosted and sponsored a hui called Te Aroha Hui in Whangarei. Guest Speaker and our adopted brother, African Prophet Elijah Mpanswa of Auckland, the Redeemed Rider’s, Tawhiri Littlejohn, Mary, Monsie, first speaking hui. Chief Charlie Hohaia attended from Maatua Karanga (Whangarei).  HUI International sponsored by Doug Barnes was divinely launched at this gathering.

Special thanks to my Harris Whanau especially my neice Sharon and moko boy, Snowy, who cooked and served us. Prophetic Worship team led by Pastor Helen and Neil Herbert (Te Arawa) of New Beginnings Community Church (Kaeo). Links to NBCC were established through Toni Parker. (Ngapuhi), Cable Bay. A 100% koha made this debt-free gathering, happen.

22 & 23 October 2016 – A Prophetic Encounter at Kaiwaka Revival Church, Kaiwaka  A resident and regular prophetic voice and adopted brother, in Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry, Prophet Elijah Mpanswa was invited to speak at Revival Church, Kaiwaka. Prophet Elijah resides in Auckland, New Zealand originally from the Congo, Africa. Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry successfully sponsored this brother to receive a full New Zealand citizenship. He travels between France and NZ.

On 9 November 2016 (GMT) – A New President America won his place in American History as President Donald John Trump became President Elect. This historic event impacts the Globe including Aotearoa, New Zealand and the Nation of Israel’s, First Nation’s People, the Jewish people. Donald John Trump is now President of the United States. Heaven on Earth(Prophetic) Ministry proudly supports Israel.

19 & 20 November 2016 – A Prophetic Event “Te Hau Kaha Hui – The Strong Wind Gathering( Far North) sponsored another hui, in a hot-spot for the First Trading Stations in the Far North, and where contact with British Missionaries and Native Maori and Chiefs took place. Prophetic activated dormant prophetic Word and promises of Ancient Doors to fling wide open. Prophet Elijah, local speakers, musicians and guests combined to minister over the two days. Kingdom focus was the main motivation for organising “Te Hau Kaha Hui.” Over 1500 Maori live in Russell and the community have resided in peaceful harmony.

16 -28 January 2017 Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry was an invited Guest to Melbourne. An incredible opportunity to explore what “well of life” was in Boronia, Melbourne. Presence International Church, Melbourne led by Pastor Stewart and Sonja Bell invited Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) to song-lead and minister to the church on a second visit.

6 February 2017 – Treaty of Waitangi Celebrations was held at Te Tii Marae, Waitangi Grounds. This Year’s Celebrations mark 100 years of combined unilateral efforts of Indigenous, Australian and New Zealand military might.

March 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) were invited to minister to a group of Australians at a couple’s large home on a Saturday meeting. Packed and invigorating. Released prophetic encouragement to all. Power of God very present and uplifting. 

8 April 2017 – National Event called Bless Israel (Auckland, NZ) approached Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry to assist with organising Intercessory Prayer Meetings held  in different suburbs in Auckland.

Blowing of Shofars at 7.00 am sharp by 130 christians in the North and South Island was organised by Faith-Joy from Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry and Team. Joining with Ned Leith (Whangarei) made it fun. He blew the shophar for Northern Maori at Mt Parakai, Memorial Hill, Whangarei. North Wind Blow! The sound of the North is blowing stronger and more sure as this Season, the Sword, marches on. 

16-17 June 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry organised a  Road Trip called “Matenga Me Te Kore Te Hiku” from Auckland to Kaitaia and Ahipara Beach. A family of three Samoans from King of Kings Church, Manukau and a Mangere brother, Graeme, made this journey an exciting and invigorating experience. 

(He Maori) “A ka meinga koe e Ihowa hei upoko, e kore e waiho hei hiku, ki runga anake koe, a kahore ki raro; ki te whakarongo koe ki nga whakahau aIhowa, a tou Atua, e whakahau atu nei i tenei ra ki a koe, a ka puritia e koe, ka mahia.”

(Israel) “and the Lord will make you the head and not the tail and you shall only go up and not down, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you today, being careful to do them.” Deutoronomy 28:13 (NKIV).

25-27 August 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry set off on an second Northland Prophetic Evangelical hook  An Evangelical Prophetic Event called “Matenga Me Te Kore Te Hiku” was held in Kaitaia on Saturday, 26 August 2017. There was an open air campaign of singing and proclamation at Kaitaia Market.  Deuteronomy 28 verse 13 and  a Decree and Proclamation to be the ‘Head and not the Tail” was spoken aloud from inside the hotel conference room, on the streets. Cornerstone Church Pastor Loui invited me to speak Sunday morning.

Prophetic Art, prophetic dance, prophetic proclamation and prophetic release was central to the Kaitaia trip. Thank you to the Kapai Team, Graeme, Kathy, FaithJoy, Tere, John, Tapere. Kaitaia is on Fire for Jesus. Special thanks to one of travellers who contributed a financial gift to make this a debt-free journey.

Blow North Wind Blow. The following week NZ had the National Government Elections. God blessed the Northland. Change of government from National Party to the Labour Party, fulfilling the flipping of the head and tail, top and bottom. 

15-19 September 2017 – Heaven on Earth (Prophetic) Ministry supported a Prophetic trip to Boronia, Melbourne to enjoy time with Presence International Prophetic Fire Ministries led by Pastor Stewart and Sonya Bell.

Attended a Prophetic breakfast and ministered at the home of Christene and Ravi Maistry in Caroline Springs. Heaven on Earth(Prophetic) Ministry provided the prophetic ministry. Followed by a kiwi hangi at the Bell’s home.

14-17 June 2018 Encounter Home Group Church (Melbourne) requested my attendance as Guest Speaker at a Prophetic Conference called “Touching Heaven Changing Earth.” Kingdom Influence Focus for Israel, the Chosen People of Middle-East and Aoteoroa, New  Zealand. Marie, Ben, Chris, FaithJoy, Julie, Warren was our Team.

Barak Hashem     Shalom Shalom    Kal Hakavod